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Project: B&W Memories Quilt, Photo Printing and Piecing Phase

This was my first time ever printing photos on fabric paper. I purchased Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets by June Tailor at Joanns. This is an Iron on paper which is not what I needed, but accidentally bought. June Tailer also makes a Sew In Fabric Sheet Paper, which is what I should have bought. But, because I was short on time I decided to try and make the Iron on Paper work and just sew it in.

On the directions for the paper, it says to set your printer at a normal quality and plain paper setting. When I tried this my images printed with grainy lines running through them. So I went against the paper instructions and I set my printer to high quality, and the pictures came out beautiful. They have a quality canvas look to them, I was very impressed! Even though I did not plan on ironing these photos onto my quilt, I wanted to test the paper out.

The instructions said to use a medium/high setting. So I went ahead and tested it on scrap piece of fabric, and when I ironed the photo as per the instructions, it turned green! I am thinking that my iron even on the medium setting may have been to hot. But, moving on with my original plan I did not iron the photo, but sewed them into my blocks.

I decided despite the fact it was 11:00 at night and I was really tired, I would try and piece 6 blocks. I got my sewing machine threaded and started to chain piece the E blocks. I was on the 4th block and I started to fall asleep! I never thought that could happen while I was sewing.

I decided to get up and grab a snack to help me stay awake. I went down stairs and dug into some chocolate pie, and came back. I had sewn about 3 more blocks and realized all my seems were a 1/2"! Ahh! I had shut my machine off when I went downstairs and when I turned it back on I forgot to reset my settings for piecing. So there I was extremely tired seem ripping all those blocks. Eventually I finished my 6 blocks, and called it a night. More to come!




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