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Project: B&W Memories Quilt, Quilting and Binding

I find that one of the hardest parts of creating a quilt, is choosing the quilting design. I am always very hesitant to start quilting as I don't want to ruin all the work I just did. In fact I have some quilt sandwiches ready to be quilted, but just sitting in my projects tub, because Im to scared to ruin them. With this project though I had to think fast and just hope for the best. I decided for time sake and because of the modern geometrical pattern of the quilt to do straight line quilting. My first thought was possibly an uneven grid design.

So I researched some ideas online and here were some ideas I found.

At Tallgrass Prarie Studio, Jacquie has a blog post called Straight line quilting hints and tips, I read through this and it really helped! I loved the idea of a crosshatch design, but thought maybe I should keep it more simple. So I decided to finally go with basic uneven spaced vertical lines.

Well as I started to quilt the lines my Sewing Machine Saga began! I will have to save the Sewing Machine Saga details for another day, but I have had a lot of trouble with my little Brother CS-6000i, now for a $150 machine this is probably expected, but very untimely! I made it through the quilting, but my orginally planned "Straight" lines were now "Organic Wavy" lines, from fighting with the bulk of the quilt through a 5.5" harp space.  It was now 12 p.m. and I was soooo tired, especially since I have a newborn baby keeping me up at night. So I called it a night. My husband was planned to leave at 10 a.m. the next day and I still needed to bind the quilt.

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and started preparing the binding. I had just recently purchased the Clover Bias Tape Maker, to give machine binding a try. I usually whip stitch my bindings, but I needed a faster solution, and I have been a little unhappy with my past quilt bindings coming apart in the wash. The tape maker was so nice! It really helped save me time. Once I had the binding strip ready I went to town sewing the binding on. I got one and a half sides on and got a bad feeling. It occurred to me I hadn't stopped to check my thread tension at all! Just as I supposed my tension was completely messed up on the whole binding. I tried adjusting the tension, changing needles, rethreading, new bobbin thread, and nothing could fix my machine. I had just worked about 23hrs on this quilt with hopes to have it ready in about an hour, and my machine broke! I was so bummed. There was no way I could seem rip and hand bind it in time. I ended up taking my husband to the airport no quilt in tow.



Alyssa Lichner

Alyssa Lichner

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Alyssa Lichner is a graphic designer turned avid sewist. She writes modern quilting tutorials and shares techniques and inspiration on her blog, Pile O’ Fabric. Alyssa has a passion for exploring different techniques and applying them to modern designs. She is thankful to have the opportunity to share these techniques, through her tutorials, patterns, and classes with quilters around the world. She always encourages her readers and students to challenge themselves to try new things and to approach quilting with a fearless attitude.