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Inspiration Overload, and Learning to Grow

It has been a fun last couple days viewing the Quilts that have been entered into the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I have definitely been inspired, beyond my capacity. Looking at so many brilliant designs, beautiful fabrics, and pure talent can be a little overwhelming. I feel like I'm constantly saying Oh, I wish I could do that! But, I have to remind myself that we all learn and grow at different speeds!

Here are some things I have learned and taken out of this festival…

  •     Being only 6 months into my quilting and blogging adventure the fun has only just begun! Looking through all the amazing talent and amazing people, I look forward to the years to come! The possibilities are endless!
  •     I am going to have to join some fabric swaps, get more web work, maybe even have a garage sale, because I will go broke on fabric! I must be wise with my money and say no to projects for the sake of my family!
  •     I love solids even more than I loved them yesterday.
  •     There is an epidemic of new craft bloggers out there, and I must support them! We must stick together, to grow together!

I created a Pinterest Board to pin all my favorite Quilts from the festival and it filled up quick! You can check out my board here. Deciding who to vote for is going to be really hard!

1. Lost quilt?, 2. Annular Eclipse, 3. Streetscape 2, 4. Mini Patchwork Prism Quilt - Front, 5. Colour Shot 2012, 6. Color Quilt, 7. "Hopscotch" complete!, 8. Autumn Jewels, 9. DSCF8522
I also made a flickr mosaic of some of the quilts from the festival I love.

In other news this weekend has been super busy! Here is what I've been up too…

I got two very exciting packages in the mail! My HandStitched Supplies Kit! And some more handstitched notions. For my birthday my husband signed me up (well I actually signed myself up, but it was his gift you get the point) for the Handstitched Camp at Stitched in Color! Yipee! I love Rachel's work, and her blog, so I'm so excited to be taking her class. I have really admired hand quilting, but stayed far away from it, because I thought it would be to far out of my element. But, I can't resist it anymore, I am really excited to learn a technique that will allow me to sew anywhere, in bed, the park, the car, a plane! Im sure my husband will be regretting his choice when I'm sewing non-stop, and he catches me sewing in the bath! Just Kidding! The class starts June 4th, so you will be seeing some of my creations from that soon.

I have been washing a ton of fabric! Which means, I have a ton of ironing to do!

We cleaned out the garage and set aside a bunch of random stuff to try and sell. Anyone wan't to buy a snowboard I have had for 6 years and never used. I wanted so bad to learn to snowboard, but every year something comes up and I have yet to use it! Probably not the best time of year to sell it, considering it is like 98 degrees outside.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow and enter into my super duper fabric giveaway for Sew,Mama,Sew! Giveaway Day. There will be three lucky winners!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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