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A BIG Thank You and big Fat Pile O' W.i.P's!

I am completely blown away at how many people have stopped by for SMS Giveaway Day! This was my first year and I did not expect so many visitors. Thank you so much for checking Pile O' Fabric out, and taking the time to enter.

I really love to receive comments, I love replying and answering your questions. That is what my blog is here for to get to know you, inspire you, and interact with you. So it was my full intention to reply to all your wonderful comments, but I had no clue there would be over 600! So a very very grateful blog post, will have to do this time around, otherwise I may be emailing for a month with no sewing projects to share with you :) But, I have been reading every single comment and they have been so exciting.

You all are working on some really amazing projects. I really really want to see these projects when there done! So I decided to create a new Pile O' Fabric Flickr Group.

For those of you who have a Flickr Account, this is a public group so anyone is welcome! My hope is that I have and will inspire you in your Quilting and Craft Adventures. This group is made to help give you a little boost and motivation in your sewing projects! You can post any Sewing and Quilting project W.i.P.s and Finishes here to share with others.

Be sure to give us good details about the project in your descriptions, and if you are a blogger include links so we can get to know you better! And of course show some of the fellow crafters some love with comments! It can be very motivating!

Stop hoarding your pretty fabric and conquer that pile! And share with me at Pile O' Fabric Flickr Group :)

This week has been super jam packed, in fact pretty much every week is! Here is what I have been working on.

I have been working on a Children's Library Book Bag for a Tutorial I will be sharing tomorrow. I am participating in Let's Get Acquainted blog hop and tomorrow it is Nik from Bold Goods and my turn to share. Above is a little sneak preview of the bag I will be sharing.

Last week I shared with you my little sneak preview of the Pezzy Print Quilt. I finished the quilt top this week. This is going to be a Beginners Quilting Tutorial. So to all of you who commented that you would love to learn to quilt, I will have a very fun, easy tutorial to help you very soon, So no excuses!

I am really enjoying making tutorials, and I'm hoping that you enjoy them. After tomorrow's I would really love some feedback, possibly how I can improve them. I'd also love to know what kind of tutorials you would like to see. Thanks again for your wonderful support!

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced today for W.i.P. Wednesday!


p.s. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good iron? I have a mini clover for pressing seams which I love, but I need a regular size iron for bigger projects.

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