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Busy Bee, That's Me! Hello June, Goodbye May!

May is over, seriously? So what have I been working on lately you may be wondering. As usual a ton!

I have been doing a lot of pre-washing, ironing, pre-washing ironing. And let me tell you I have some opinions about pre-washing and plan to be writing about that very soon!

Thank you to everyone for the iron suggestions. I have sort of maxed out my crafting budget for well more than May, so I decided to go with a cheap iron again for now. I went ahead and got a Hamilton Beach Durathon, for I believe around $35, which was quite a bit less than the nice Rowenta's. So far so good. It heats up quickly, steams well, but with the option for no steam as well. It has automatic turn off and manual off. I was told to try and find a 1700W iron, but in this price range the highest I could find was 1600W. I think it will do the job well for what I use it for. I still use my Mini Clover Iron, for pressing seams and I absolutely love it! Be careful though those little babies can get hot! The other day I was pressing seams and put it on high (silly me). Well I found a solution for instant seam remover, no more seam ripper! Just get one hot mini clover iron, some cotton Gutter-man thread and the thread will melt away in seconds! Not cool. I had already pressed about 3 seems before I realized they were no longer sewn!

This week I have been trying to piece at least 2 rows of my Patchwork Prism, each day. Piecing this quilt has been pretty difficult. Some rows are coming out longer than others and I'm getting a lot of puckering. I'm hoping the overall rectangle shape of the quilt when I am done isn't too wonky.

I really wan't to finish the piecing of Patchwork Prism so I can have my design wall back, I usually wall baste my quilts and I do it behind my design wall. I need to baste my Pezzy Crib Quilt and finish it for the beginner quilting series.

As you all know I have been participating in a lot of sewing events, and I love them! I will be posting more about the different events this week. But, I have joined a few bee's one is a 3x6 bee which means it only lasts a quarter and I have to make 6 blocks. I completed my test block, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The theme for our hive is Solids (my favorite!) so I dug into my scraps from the Patchwork Prism and had a bunch of these half rectangle pieces. I played around with them for a little bit trying to figure out how I could use them, when I came up with the idea to make a triangle. I wasn't sure how I would border the triangle, but I went with it and figured it out!

I have been doing some shopping! Got to love shopping :) I did some shopping for a fabric swap, charity bee blocks, and a block swap.

I also been picked out all of my supplies, and fabric for the Handstitched Camp. As for fabric I was able to pull completely from my stash this time around. When I started Pile O' Fabric, I took pictures of the first fat quarter I ever bought, and that was my inspiration for the design of my website and business cards. Well I decided to finally use that fabric for the very special medallion quilt I will be making in class. Our first project begins Monday, and I cannot wait! Yesterday was our first online chat with the other campers, and i'm really looking forward to getting to know these ladies!

May at a Glance

  • Finished The Pezzy Quilt Top
  • Finished cutting and started piecing Patchwork Prism
  • Had two very successful Giveaways
  • Entered my B&W Memories Quilt in Blogger's Quilt Festival, and got Nominated!
  • Created my first tutorial for the Children's Tree of Knowledge Library Book Bag
  • Participated in my first blog hop

On the Home Front

  • Dealt with an insane cold
  • Took care of Everett in the Hospital :(
  • Potty Trained my Daughter
  • Visited with an Aunt I haven't seen in over 5yrs!
  • Turned 24

Coming up in June

  • Patchwork Prism wrap up
  • Summer Sewing Contest
  • Making a baby quilt for my soon to be nephew
  • First Month of Handstitched Camp
  • Planning an extra special event :)

I'd say this has been a very eventful month! I am linking up today with Fresh Sewing Day, at Lily's Quilts!


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