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Handstitched Camp - Projects Progress

It is officially week 3 of Handstitched Camp at Stitched in Color. Tomorrow we will be moving on to our new projects, and before we do I wanted to share my progress on the first few projects. If you are a Stitched in Color Flickr follower than you may have seen all the awesome projects. It is so cool to see everyones different interpretations of the same projects.

The first three projects were an Eyelet Needle Book, Flocked Reverse Appliqué Tank Top, and The Dogwood Reverse Appliqué for the center of our Modern Medallion Quilt.

Needlebook -  Project for week 1 in Handstitched Camp Needlebook -  Project for week 1 in Handstitched Camp

The first project I started on was the Eyelet Needle Book. I was sick with the stomach flu that day and in between naps decided to put hand-stitching convenience to the test and make the whole project in bed. I already had my supplies and fabric ready so I just went to it and finished it in one day. It was really relaxing and helped keep my mind of how terrible I felt. Just one project and I was sold on hand-stitching! I decided to change the project and wen't a little blanket stitch happy on the borders of the Needlebook. Now I have a perfect little book to keep my embroidery scissors, seam ripper, needles and pins in.

Modern Medallion Borders Done, Ready to Embroider

The second project was the Reverse Appliqué Dogwood for the center of our Modern Medallion Quilts. I am really excited about this project! We will be hand quilting the entire quilt, which is going to be so rewarding. For my medallion center, I decided to create my own shape. I researched medallions online for inspiration and came up with my own design in Photoshop. At the time it seemed like such a fun idea, until I realized the new design had twice as many points! Creating the appliqué was a bit challenging and I burned my fingers a ton trying to press under the seams. For my blind stitching I started with a pearl cotton in yellow, I got about halfway through and my stitches looked like Frankenstein! I ended up ripping them out and decided on a matching pink embroidery floss. One of the challenges I am facing as a beginner is creating even stitches, but I am sure with time they will even out :)

The third project was the Flocked Reverse Appliqué Tank Top. I started to work on this project and realized that I chose a t-shirt that was too transparent. You could see the inner fabric through the entire shirt. I also tried to do a different flower pattern and my poor flowers just looked shriveled up so I didn't finish. I plan to choose a new shirt or skirt and try again, hopefully soon.

This week we are going to start embroidery! We will be embroidering the white sashing in the block. With about 12 matching colors of embroidery floss. I will be going out of town this weekend and this will be the perfect project on the go!

Some Beautiful Projects from Handstitched Class at Stitched in Color

1. Reverse Applique Skirt, 2. Medallion Quilt Center, 3. Needle book (2), 4. dogwood blossom, 5. Dogwood Blossom for Medallion Quilt, 6. Dogwood pillows, 7. Medallions, 8. Handstitched, 9. Dahlia Needlebook, Front, 10. Dogwood Medallion, 11. Needlebook project - outside, 12. Eyelet needlebook, 13. needlebook, 14. Needle Book, 15. Hand stitched class reverse embroidery, 16. image.jpeg, 17. Flocked tank - back, 18. photo

Here are some of my fellow classmates projects! The creativity is so inspiring. If you want to keep up with the projects from the class join us at the Stitched in Color Flickr Group.




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