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Sewing Along - Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series

So far in our Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series we have touched on Quilting Bee's, Swaps, and Quilting Guilds. Last Week we got to meet Kathreen author of Little Bits Quilting Bee

Sew-Alongs 101

What is a Sew-Along?

A Sew-Along is like a sew-in or sewing party online. People get together usually meeting in one place like flickr, and sew an item based on one pattern together over a period of time.

How does a Sew Along work?

Usually a hostess picks a pattern and possibly fabric, and then that hostess will post step-by-step photos of the sewing instructions throughout the Sew-Along. The others will follow along an everyone will share their work as the go. Usually Sew-Alongs last at least a month and most often are longer. Often times sew-alongs will be a contest as well, with prizes along the way to help motivate you to keep sewing.

What is so great about Sew-Alongs?

Sew Alongs are one of my favorite events! First you get to meet new friends, whom you will get to share your adventure with, be inspired by, and get encouraged by. You have a large support group to go to when you get stuck or have questions. You get to actually sew something from start to finish, and yes finish it! Whoa, finishing things is truly a reward. And sometimes you even get to win amazing prizes. Sounds fun doesn't it?

What Type of Sew-Alongs are there?

Think of something you can sew, anything. Well there you go that could very well be a sew along. That's right there is ton's of possibilities for Sew-Alongs. Here are some to name a few:

Clothing Sew-Alongs - This could be a Shirt Along, Swim Suit Along, and if you saw my post yesterday I participated in Shorts on a Line hosted by Imagine Gnats, small + friendly, Designs by Sessa which is a Shorts Along. If you are up for sewing some shorts this July you can enter your shorts into Shorts on a Line for a chance to win some amazing prizes.

Zakka Style Quilt Along - 1. Zakka Patchwork Potholders, 2. Patchwork Potholders / Trivets, 3. zakka potholders, 4. Zakka Style Sew Along Challenge week 11, 5. Zakka pouch - front, 6. Zakka Orchard Path Pouch, 7. Zakka Organizer Open and Book, 8. Zip Organizers from Zakka Style, 9. Zakka Style - Zip Organizer

Sewing Through a Book - Instead of choosing just one pattern the hostess chooses a book with projects, and you sew each one over a long period of time. Right now there is a wonderful book sew along going on called the Zakka Style Sew Along hosted by LR Stitched. They are sewing through each project in the book Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale. Elizabeth Hartman over at Oh,Fransson!, is hosting a year long Book/Quilt along for her book Modern Patchwork which I reviewed last week. She will be going through each of the 12 projects in the entire book!

Patchwork Prism Quilt Along - 1. P1000467, 2. Patchwork Prism Quilt, 3. Patchwork Prism is Complete, 4. Patchwork Prism Quilt, 5. Patchwork Prism progress, 6. wkshp6, 7. P6230128.JPG, 8. Patchwork Prism Sham, 9. Patchwork Prism Front 1

Quilt Alongs (QAL) - Everyone sews a full quilt from start to finish. Usually you will be challenged in a technique or method of quilting which really makes it fun. Even when using the same pattern every quilt ends up with its own unique touches and its really great to see everyones interpretations. Some current quilt alongs going on are The Soda Pop Quilt Along over at Sew Allegorical, they are making the Orange Soda quilt designed by Katy Jones in the new book Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters. The Vintage Holiday Quilt Along over at Fabric Mutt, they are making the Thimble Blossoms holiday quilt by Camille Roskelley a perfect quilt along to get into your holiday sewing.

Wan't to Quilt Along with me?

Well considering this is one of my favorite events, I absolutely could not resist hosting one of my own! I have been planning away for a while now and it has been so so hard not to share it all with you guys! And I have to hold out just one more day. Check back tomorrow as I will be announcing my very own Quilt Along! What quilt is it you might be wondering? Well you will just have to wait till tomorrow to see, but here is a hint… it's Totally Groovy Dude! :) See you tomorrow!


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