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A Last Minute Trip for a New Nephew

Each Tuesday we are going through a Beginner's Quilting Tutorial Series. Last week we talked about Fabric 101, choosing you fabrics. This week I am going to have to postpone our post on Choosing your Quilt Designs and Patterns until later tomorrow. I decided to take a last minute trip up north to Prescott, Arizona. I am without a computer and man is it hard to blog on an iphone!

My Beautiful Sister and her quilt for her soon to be son!

Recently I made a Zig-Zag quilt for my sister who was pregnant with her second son. Well I am now the proud Aunt of Brennan Donald Stringer! So I am in town visiting him. What an absolute joy he is! I will have pictures to share soon.

Though last week was quiet around the Pile, there was much going on in my sewing room! So today I decided to share a few of the fun things I was working on.

Handstitched Camp

Well I could have told you this would happen, but I am way behind on my projects for handstitched camp. Last week I was able to do some catch up though.

Modern Medallion progress

I moved on to round 3 of my Modern Medallion. The skills we were to learn in this round were english paper piecing Storm at Sea Blocks, then we were to add our patchwork by machine. Since I was a little crunched on time I decided to machine piece my Storm at Sea Blocks. I started working on my patchwork and posted my progress on Flickr looking for advice. The patchwork was so bright, and I was strongly debating trying to tone it done with pastels. When I was brainstorming ideas, I felt a "migration" coming on and decided to go a completely different direction.

Modern Medallion Round 3

I wanted to be able to use a bit more of the fabrics I used on my Storm at Sea blocks, so I made some flying geese. What a fun block to make! I also reintroduced the purple to tie into my center medallion fabric. It's a bit more traditional this way, but I am pretty excited with how it turned out. Now I need to continue working on the very time extensive embroidery and move on to round 4.

Hexie Tree Bag

Another one of the projects for camp was a Hexie Tree Bag. I was so excited for this project. Since I have been handstitching I have been bringing my projects out and about with me. I really needed a bag to keep everything in, so I jumped right on this project. I got to learn English Paper Piecing hexies and let me tell you I love it! I may have a little hexie adiction now :) This bag was very similar to my Tree of Knowledege Book Bag, so since it was familar it was really easy to put together. I used a nice brushed twill for the outside of the bag, bright prints from Connecting Threads for the hexies and some Alexander Henry for the interior.

Hexie Tree Bag

The original bag didn't have a pocket, but I went ahead and added one for smaller items. I have been using the bag for about a week now and I LOVE it. I bring it all over with my neelebook and projects in tow.

Westminster Quilt

Things have been a bit quiet this week, but here is a sneak peak of what I'm working on

A while back I had shared the mockups of the Westminster Quilt I had designed. I often times use patterns or tutorials for my projects. But, being a designer I am constantly coming up with ideas for quilts. I have made quite a few mockups in photoshop, and a few months ago finished this design and even bought my fabric, but never got around to making it. I went ahead and started on it and this project has totally motivated me to start making more of my own designs. It is so much fun!

Other Fun

Easy Pacifier Clip

I also started on a few other little sewing projects. My son is constantly loosing his pacifiers, so I made a super quick and easy pacifier clip out of left over binding.

Summersville Embroidery

I pulled out my Summersville Stash and started practicing my embroidery, this is the first of many Summersville projects I am working on for a complete Summersville Series. More too come! :)

Sorting and organizing lots of packages of charms...gotta love mail!

I love Kona Charm Swap round 1 is almost over. I am waiting on just a few more packages, and I will begin sorting. It has been a lot of fun and there will defintely be a round 2. So if you missed out on round 1 keep an eye out!

An Etsy Shop

I also took some time last week to setup an Etsy Shop. I have had a few family and friends ask about purchasing quilts. So I went ahead with Etsy for now. I only have one product so far, but I have been brainstorming ideas for products. I want my main focus to be quilts, but I would like to have some other items. I would love your feedback on what products you think would be great for a little Etsy Shop, and would fit my style. Also if any of you out there sell you work, how do you come up with your pricing? I grew up in the Jewelry business and have a lot of retail experience, but I have no clue how to price a quilt!

I have been busy, busy, and have even more projects I have been working on so I will share more later this week. I am off to go visit my amazing new nephew, and to be reminded of what an absolute gift and blessing from God children are! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


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