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Finishing up some side projects and my trip to Prescott

I had a wonderful trip to Prescott, AZ to meet my new nephew Brennan Donald Stringer. He was 8Ib 12oz and although that is a big boy, he looked so so tiny. I can't believe my little Everett was 6Ib 9oz, he is so chubby now!

Holding my Nephew for the first time.

Getting to hold Brennan was such a joy! My sister is a fabulous mother and I seriously think she had more energy than me. Must be post-partum adrenaline or something.

I found out about a week before she had Brennan that she didn't have a diaper bag. So I decided to resolve that issue and make my her one.

My friend Tiffany and the President of the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild had recently shown us all her pleated tote bag she made with Aviary 2. She told me it was her friend Michelle's pattern. Well I went home that day and found Paisley Pear on Etsy and ordered the pattern right away!

Pleated Bohemian Tote

Michelle of Paisley Pear actually lives right by me and I didn't know it, now its too late though because she is moving to Cali, bummer. Anyways she has some wonderful patterns, this one included.

Interior of Pleated Bohemian Tote

I used Bohemian Soul by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics which I got from Lark Cottons, Heather has wonderful shop and is having a summer sale right now! After I got past an extremely duh! moment when cutting my patterns for the bag, it was really easy to follow. I added the zippered pocket to the bag, it wasn't in the original pattern. I figured it would be nice to have somewhere to put a cell phone and keys. I think if I made it again I would add a magnetic clasp on top and more pockets.

Pleated Bohemian Tote

I seriously LOVE making bags, I will definitely be making more. In fact i already have my next pattern and fabrics picked out.

Couldn't visit Prescott without checking out the new local quilt shop Seams So Right.

While I was in Prescott (which is my hometown) I had to go check out the new local quilt shop, Seams Sew Right Quilt Studio. Based on the demographics of Prescott, I was expecting the store to be mostly traditional fabrics. I was surprised that they had an amazing selection of Modern Fabrics, and a entire room of sale fabrics!

Then of course I couldn't visit the quilt shop and walk away empty handed! :)

I couldn't walk out empty handed so I picked out some of my favorites. I got some Timeless Treasures Geo Prints, and Andover Fabrics Swoon. Not sure what I will make with them yet.

Embroidered Summersville Crayon Roll

The other day I shared with you a little preview of some Summersville Embroidery I was working on. Well here is what it was! An Embroidered Summersville Crayon Roll!

Embroidered Summersville Crayon Roll

Lately my daughter has been coloring a lot and leaving her crayons everywhere. I have seen crayon rolls before and decided to make one. I was digging through my stash and saw the Summersville. I thought it looked ready to be colored and thats when I decided to add some embroidery too. This was a relaxing fun project!

Embroidered Summersville Crayon Roll

I decided to add this little roll to my new Etsy shop, they are a bit more expensive than others on Etsy, but the embroidery is pretty time consuming. Still trying to figure out this pricing business.

I have a bunch more Summersville projects planned, but next up is to make progress on my Handstitched Camp projects and my Westminster Quilt.


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