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Meet the Groovy Designer Emily Cier from Carolina Patchworks

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I have enjoyed seeing all the fantastic fabric choices you all are making. It's probably a good thing I chose my fabric before all of you, otherwise you would have made it extremely difficult to choose! I do wan't to remind you all that we all work at different paces. There are some of you who have already started piecing your quilts, and some who are still deciding on colors. BUT, don't stress we have plenty of time! We won't even be cutting into our fabrics in the QAL posts until next week. So if you are still waiting for fabric to arrive don't fret :) If you haven't stopped by the flickr group yet come on by, there is wonderful discussions going on about alternative piecing methods, what fabrics your using, and a lot of pictures are being shared!

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Today I would like to introduce you to the Totally Groovy Designer behind Carolina Patchworks, Emily Cier. I prepared some questions for Emily so we could get a little look at her quilting and designing career.

Meet Emily Cier from Carolina Patchworks

When and why did you begin quilting?

I saw a quilt. Had to make it. It was awesome. I've known how to sew since childhood and the transition to quilting was surprisingly easy!

What is your favorite part of the quilting process?

Curling up with the finished product on the couch!

Photo by Emily

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

My head. It's scary in there.

Also flowers, gardens, mountains, boats, the city (Seattle) and everything that's around us. The finished product rarely looks like the inspiration in the end, but it all comes from the simple, beautiful things we see everyday and often ignore.

Lupine Quilt by Emily Cier for We Love Color

At what point in your quilting career did you start designing?

Almost day one. I wanted to make quilts but I hated the patterns that were available. So I made my own.

Circular Resoning Quilt by Emily Cier

What is your favorite quilt you have designed and made?

Yikes! It's impossible to pick just one. I'd have to say, right now, it's the scrap version of Circular Reasoning. It hangs in our dining room and the kids are still amazed with it. They were trying to figure out the color distribution and how equal is was at dinner tonight.

Aurifil Thread Photo by Emily Cier

What are the top 3 things that you know now that you wish you knew as a beginner quilter?

1. It's ok if it's not perfectly sewn. The important thing is to cut accurately, take your time and give your best effort to piecing and love the awesomeness that you just made.

2. Change your rotary blade often. Even if they are expensive, replace them. Do it! NOW! Speaking of which, I should go replace mine.

3. Buy good thread. It's worth it. My first sewing ventures were with cheap thread. I went to my first LQS (which has since closed... sniff) and they handed me a spool of Aurifil. I've never looked back.

Ambrosia Quilt by Emily Cier for Pixel Play

How often do you get to sew and design?

Designing is usually a subconscious activity that never stops. Actual work is an hour or two during nap/quiet time, after the kids are in bed and some weekends.

Emily's new book set to release this September

At what point in your quilting career did you write your first book?

  • late 2007 - sewing stuff to sell which gradually morphed to all quilts
  • Aug 2008 - first pattern goes up for sale
  • Nov 2010 - first book released (though the contract was inked in early 2009)
  • Aug 2012 - up to 64 individual patterns and 3 books... and lots more cool stuff in the works!

How long does the process from designing a quilt to have a pattern printed in hand take?

Designing. Like I said earlier, it's an ongoing process. By the time I get to working on a release, I'll have 4 or so that I want to make into patterns.

Putting together the pattern. All in InDesign. Some come together quickly. Others I want to bang my head against my monitor. It really varies depending on what else is going on in life at the time, my mood and how many times I end up changing the layout.

Sewing. Rarely does it take more than a week to piece a top. Usually a couple days, but that too depends on the rest of life. I don't work 9-5 or anything regular like that!

Quilting. I love this part but don't seem to do it much lately. It kills my back (which usually hurts anyways) and Angela does an awesome job and can read my mind about what I want that I've just been sending her everything of late. So ~ 1 week of shipping each way plus whatever her schedule is for quilting it.

Finalizing the files. Depends how much I want to change. I finicky that way. This usually overlaps with the quilting portion.

Send off to the printer and wait. Usually 2-3 weeks until it's on my doorstep. That's the only thing concrete in this schedule!

Prepping cover images and text for listings. This overlaps with the printing. I'll usually get it done before the printing gets here and that's where pre-sales come in to play!

Simple squeeful afternoon outside. #zucchini (Taken with Instagram) Taken by Emily

Do you have any other hobbies you enjoy besides sewing?

Gardening. My yard looks like crap but it has a few nice spots which I enjoy.
Cooking. If I can manage to make something I'm not allergic to.

Thank you Emily for sharing a little about yourself with us! I'm sure I can speak for others when when I say that I am very excited to make your Groove Quilt Design, thanks for allowing us to use it for this QAL!

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