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A Much Needed Vacation!

Last week I traveled to Estes Park, Colorado for a wonderful occasion. I had the privilege of being in my best friend Katie's wedding. Katie and I met when we were still babies. We lived down the street from each other and played on a daily basis. Katie was typically a late riser and I myself an early riser. I used to call her house in the morning over and over. Her Mom would always tell me that she was still asleep and try again later. If calling didn't work you could find me walking down the street with a stroller and baby dolls knocking on her door until she would wake up. When I was about 6 years old my family moved about 2hrs away, but we always kept in touch.

Katie and I have been through so much together, she is a Sister to me, an Aunt to my children and I thank God for our friendship. She was more than worthy to carry the title of Maid of Honor in my wedding and is truly one of my best friends. Not only have I been blessed by her wonderful friendship, but her family as well. Her Father, Mother, and Sister have been almost a second family to me.

So when she asked me to be in her wedding I was so excited! Her fiancé husband is an amazing man and I cannot wait to see what life brings their way and to see their growth as a couple.

My husband and daughter had to stay home, but it was a wonderful trip for me and my little Everett who is 6 months now! He was so unbelievably good. Multiple people said he was the best baby they had ever seen. It was my first time in Colorado and It was so beautiful.

When I got home I felt extremely unorganized so for the last few days I have been ripping my studio apart, making massive to do lists, and really just making bigger messes :) I am hoping to get back into the groove of things by the weekend. I leave you with some photo's from my trip.

Katie and I at the Rehersal Dinner

Everett hung out on his little car seat quilt for hours while we set up, such a good baby!

Katie is such a good Aunt

Took a little site seeing trip to downtown Estes Park

View from one of the Cabins from the Wedding

I designed Katies Wedding Invites and they took a portion of the design and made stickers. Then they took his and her favorite coffee's and blended them together and used the sticker. Cute, Huh!

My Handsome Date :)

She looked AMAZING

Everett the day we left, Offically 6 months old

Tomorrow we will get back in to the Groove of things here at Pile O' Fabric and I mean that literally :)




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