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Pixel of Love, a Modern Charity Quilt Finish

Today I am excited to share with you a finished quilt. I am calling this quilt the Pixels Of Love, because it was put together pixel by pixel by the loving hands of the ladies in the Wish at do.Good Stitches charity bee. Thank you Kelliegh, Stephanie, Rebekah, Erica, Sonya, Caitlin, Lynn, and Kirsten for helping me put together this beautiful quilt for such a wonderful cause! Each of us put together 8 blocks, 4 x 4 using Rita at Red Pepper Quilts, Strip Piecing Postage Stamp Tutorial and our scraps. I made six additional blocks to make it the size I wanted. The quilt will be donated to Project Linus here in Phoenix, Arizona and will be given to a child in need in hopes to bring them some love an joy! 

do. Good Stitches is a Modern Quilting Charity Bee which was started by Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color. It has 21 circles, which consist of 210 people sewing bee blocks and quilts for about 11 charities. We are an online Bee and are scattered all over the world. Each circle makes one quilt a month so that is currently 252 quilts a year! Rachel is actively adding new circles when she has enough people to fill one circle so if you are interested in joining you can apply to be added to a wait list. 

The Quilting Process

Twice a year I am a "Quilter" for the Wish at do.Good Stitches circle. Which means I choose what type of quilt we will make that month and all the blocks are shipped to me to put together, baste, quilt, bind, tag, and send off to the Charity. July was my month and this is the quilt I chose.

First my daughter and I got all the blocks out and sat down on my living room floor to put them in an order for a 9 x 9 block quilt. Gwenyth chose the order of the rows all on her own! I was so proud :) Once we had our layout of 9 x 9 blocks I sewed them all together. 

For the backing I used some leftover polka dot fabric I have had for quite a while and a few random fun fat quarters from my stash. 

A while back I saw Elizabeth Hartmans tutorial for Orange Peel Quilting.  I have been planning on using the methos on a 2" Snapshots quilt I made back about a half a year ago which you guys have never seen. It has been basted and in a bin since before I even started this blog. I was always to scared to quilt it afraid my machine couldn't handle it. So I figured what better chance to practice before I do it on that quilt. 

First I set out to mark the whole quilt top with the peels in hopes that marking would make them perfect, but it was SOOO time consuming so instead I decided to just wing it and use the squares as my guide. I read online about a few different ways to do the orange peel. I wanted to use Elizabeths method with Free Motion Quilting, but my experience with FMQ is very very minimal. So being a complete wimp I opted to try the walking foot method. After about 30 mins of that method I wanted to rip my hair out! Some how I skipped a row and completely messed up. I ended up ripping those stitches completely out and thats when I finally when I decided to just FMQ  the orange peels with Elizabeth's method.

Maneuvering the quilt with FMQ was much eaiser than the walking foot method, but I was cringing the whole time I was doing it. I am a bit anal about my stitches being even. Hence the reason I always straight stitch, but with FMQ my stitches we soooo varied, super close together, way to far apart and my flowers were looking funny. I sort of wanted to scream! I just kept pressing on and got a little better as I went. I Aurifil 28wt white thread in my top and bobbin, which my machine handled very well, usually I would use 50wt or 40wt in my bobbin and 28wt in my top, but didn't have enough so 28wt it was and I really loved the look. 

I will say it was a fun experience and I have A LOT of work ahead of me to get better at FMQ. I will be taking a FMQ class by Elizabeth Hartman at Quilt Con in February which I am very anxious for. I have the perfect machine for it now so I will continue to challenge myself to learn.

Once I had finished quilting I squared up my quilt and then used the scraps from the backing I had cut off for my binding. I like the idea of having a matching, yet scrappy binding. I usually prefer to machine stitch my bindings, but really felt like spending some time with this quilt on the couch cuddling and stitching, so I hand stitched the binding to the backing. I created a little mini quilt out of the tag which we have printed at Spoonflower and also hand stitched it on.

Overall I am super happy with how it came out, I TOTALLY loved working on my new Juki, and I am so excited this will be going to a little someone in need!

Pixels of Love

Quilt Specs

Size: 54" x 54"
Postage Stamps: 1,296 - 1.5" Squares
Blocks: 36 - 4 square blocks

Pixels of Love - Front

Pixels of Love - Back

Pixels of Love

Pixels of Love

Pixels of Love - Tag

Pixels of Love - Tag

Pixels of Love

Scrappy Binding - used the cut off from my backing

Pixels of Love

Pixels of Love

Pixels of Love


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