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In the Studio, Book Review and Giveaway - Totally Groovy QAL

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This is week ten of the Totally Groovy QAL! Last week we got to check out Emily Cier's new book Pixel Play, and today I would like to share with you another awesome book by the Groovy Quilting Diva, Angela Walters.

Angela was the mastermind behind the quilting on the original Groove quilt from the pattern. In fact I asked Angela if she would be willing to give us some groovy quilting advice so after you hear all about her new book I will send you her way.

If you are actively participating in the online Modern Quilting movement, I am almost sure you have heard of Angela. She is literally a quilting superstar. Angela has been featured on her local news station, she is a Craftsy Instructor, she has not just one but two books, she is teaching classes all over the country, and will be teaching at QuiltCon in February. One of the coolest thing's Angela gets to do is quilt "famous" quilters quilts. 

Out of all the steps of making a quilt the one I find most challenging is quilting. Now if you are not a quilter that sentence probably makes no sense, the hardest part of quilting is quilting, haha. For the longest time I have always blamed my lack of quilting skills on my machine. I just didn't have the right machine to do it. Which is partially true as my previous machine couldn't FMQ properly, but that was also a great excuse to cover up my lack of confidence in my quilting skills. So when I knew I would be getting a new machine (My Juki, ahh love!), I decided it was time to start putting some dedicated time into learning about quilting.

A few months ago I purchased Angela's first book Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters. Now I won't get into that book to much because I could go off all day, but I will say that it is an amazing, very helpful book. Now, when paired with her new book In The Studio, I can honestly say these two books are some of my favorite sewing books of all time. The first book teaches you 28 different quilting designs, and shares a little bit on how to use the designs. This is a really good place to start to get the ideas flowing. And then there is In The Studio

In The Studio by Angela Walters

<em>In The Studio</em> with Angela Walters

Once you have learned more about different quilting patterns from Angela's first book her second, In The Studio is a perfect complement to help you put those patterns to work.

The book is broken up into 10 different chapters which touch on different quilting methods and how quilting can be used to accentuate a quilt top. Angela goal for the book is this…

My hope is that this book will make you think of quilting as more than just a way to keep the layers of a quilt together. I want you to feel empowered to experiment with different uses of quilting and different methods. I want you to love quilting as much as I do— it’s the part that’s the most fun! So here’s to happy quilting in your future. - Angela Walters

She gives a few different examples of each method so that you really have a good grasp of it before moving on. In each chapter is also a Quilt Pattern in which you can use the method she is referring to in that chapter. This book is not a learning guide for free motion quilting. So if you do not have any experience with FMQ I would not suggest this book yet, but if you have some experience playing with FMQ and would really like help deciding how to best quilt your quilts this is the book for you!

I would like to go over each chapter to give you a little idea.

Quilting Tells a Story

In this chapter Angela talks about how we can use the story behind a quilt as inspiration for planning our quilting. And you can also continue to tell that story through the quilting you choose.

Quilting Adds Movement

In the Studio with Angela Walters

This is my favorite chapter in the book. Angela talks about how you can create a sense of movement in a quilt, adding a extra element of artistry. This technique is so beautiful to me. The above pictured quilt is the included pattern for this chapter and is called Moonrise.

Quilting Creates Depth and Dimension

In the Studio with Angela Walters

In this chapter Angela gives wonderful ideas on how to had some dimension to your quilt to make it more realistic and dynamic. The above pictured quilt is the pattern for this chapter and she calls it Lava Lamp.

Quilting Fills in the Details

In this chapter Angela explains how you can add details to a quilt design. She uses an example of a quilt with thread spools. Without the quilting the spools are just shapes, but once you add detailed quilting they now look like real spools with thread on them! Adding details is a great way to make things more realistic.

Quilting Puts The Focus on The Piecing

In this chapter Angela puts a stop to the Quilting is distraction myth. And talks about how quilting can actually emphasize the piecing in the quilt and not distract from it. She also talks about the often avoided method Stitching in the ditch.

In the Studio with Angela Walters

Quilting Makes the Quilt

In this chapter Angela talks about how quilting can be made the star of the show. And how you can actually design a quilt completely for the purpose of the quilting. The above picture quilt is the pattern for this chapter and she calls it Mod Wholecloth Quilt

Quilting Provides Contrast

In the Studio with Angela Walters

In this chapter Angela talks about how quilting can be used to define contrast on your quilt top. The above pictured quilt is the pattern in this chapter and she calls it Fire and Ice.

Quilting Supplies Texture

In this chapter Angela discusses methods to add a look of texture to your quilts that will make anyone wan't to touch it. As long as you are mindful of the design you can add another layer of art to a quilt with this method.

Quilting Adds Color

In the Studio with Angela Walters

In this chapter Angela talks about something that is very new to me. The idea of using contrasting thread colors to add color to a quilt. This approach sounds like a serious amount of fun! The above pictured quilt is the pattern for this chapter and she calls it Spin Doctor.

Quilting Gives a Sense of Scale

In this chapter Angela talks about how you can take an allover design and give it a little flair by changing up the scale. This seams like a really simple method that I really want to try.


When I walked away from reading this book, the ideas were flowing like a raging river. In fact I feel like a bit of a dork because all day everywhere I went I was picturing quilting designs. For example I am a web designer so I stare at web designs daily. I would see the shape of someone's website like the header, sidebar, footer and start picturing how I would quilt those different areas and emphasize the style and design of the website. So maybe I'm less a dork and more just flat out weird, but in any case this book is extremely helpful and I am excited to try and put the methods I have learned from it to use on my Groove quilt and other quilts to come!

In The Studio is set to release on 11/12/12 and can be pre-ordered at

It is also important for me to note. That for this review I received a free reviewers PDF copy of the book. But, these opinions are completely. Here at Pile O' Fabric I strive to always provide you with my honest opinion, even if that means I have to give something a bad review. I havent had to do that yet, but if the time comes I will, because my honest opinion matters more to me thatn any free book, fabric, or anything money can buy.

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Next week I will share with you my ideas and thoughts on how I plan to quilt my Groove quilt. But, until then head on over to Quilting is my Therapy which is Angela's blog and get some tips for Groovy Quilting, she is also giving away a copy of the Groove pattern for those of you just joining the fun!


Stash Books provided complementary book for me to use for this review. As with all reviews I vow to give my honest true opinion no matter what the compensation (see blog disclosure).


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