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Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

For our October meeting next week the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild will be making quilted name tags. For the last few weeks we have been on the hunt for ideas for name tags. We even created a Pinterest Board of just name tags. We found some really awesome ideas, but very few actual tutorials or patterns for the tags. A lot of the ladies in the guild like to have tutorials to follow when working on a project, so I offered to put together this tutorial at the last minute. Here were some of the tags that inspired me…

sewn name tag inspiration

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I am going to say off the bat I have been really tempted to rip my embroidery out. When I began embroidering my name I started with the outline stitch and hated how it was looking and switched to the backstitch. So part of my name is very sloppy and it is driving me nuts! Anyways the name tag is very far from perfect, but I get to make another one next week so maybe it will be better :)

Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

This name tag is basically a mini quilt, but I have added a zipper pocket to the back and a lanyard to hang around your neck.

For my name tag I chose to make the "quilt top" look like the PHXMQG logo I designed a few months ago. My goal with this tutorial will be to show you the basic steps to assembling a quilted name tag with a pocket and lanyard. I encourage you to use any design on your "quilt top" as you would like. Maybe half-square triangles, paper pieced, maybe you prefer prints, you can do whatever your heart desires!


  • 2" x 4.5" Piece of White Fabric for Quilt Top Background
  • 15 - 1.5" wide triangles
  • 5" x 3" Piece of White Fabric for Quilt Back (inside pocket)
  • 5 - Strips of scrap fabric at least 5" long for zippered pocket
  • 50" of Binding Fabric 2.25" wide
  • 5" Zipper or Zipper Modified to 5"
  • 6" x 4" piece of batting
  • Fabric Glue Stick
  • Quilting Paper or Stabilizer or Tissue Paper
  • Water Soluble Pen
  • Freezer Paper
  • Iron, Pressing Board, Scissors, Sewing Machine, Thread, Needles, all the usual sewing supplies.

Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

  • Step 1: Cut Strips of fabric 1.5" wide out of your scraps.  With a ruler and rotary cutter cut out about 15 equilateral triangles that are 1.5" on all sides.
  • Step 2: Lay your triangles out in an order you like.
  • Step 3: Begin sewing each triangle together pressing the seems open and you go.
  • Step 4: For the cactus patchwork we will sew only 4 triangles together.
  • Step 5: Draw a cactus design on on the paper side of your freezer paper.
  • Step 6: Press your cactus template into place on your 4 triangle piece with patchwork faceup. Align your template so that a little piece of each color fits into your cactus.

Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

  • Step 7: Cut your cactus out.
  • Step 8: Take off your freezer paper to reveal your patchwork cactus.
  • Step 9: Sew together 9 triangles pressing your seams open as you sew. Trim the strip of triangles square on one end.
  • Step 10: Take your 4.5" x 2" piece of white fabric and sew your strip of triangle to it with a 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Step 11: Press your seam open and trim off the excess triangles to square it up with the white background.
  • Step 12: Take a fabric glue stick and put glue evenly on the back side of your cactus. Position the cactus in place on the front piece of your quilt top. Position your quilt top on your batting.

Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

  • Step 13: With a ruler and marking pen mark diagonal lines 1/8" to 1/4" apart across the whole quilt top.
  • Step 14: Stitch over your marking lines.
  • Step 15: Sketch your name on piece of quilting paper (or any thin paper) and pin into position.
  • Step 16: Embroider your name using any stitch and thread you would like.
  • Step 17: Take strips of scrap fabric at least 5" long and sew them together pressing your seams open as you sew.
  • Step 18: Cut your zipper down to 5" and layout the strips in the order you plan to sew.

Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

  • Step 19: Sew the bottom portion of your strip piece to the zipper. Following the instructions on your zipper packaging.
  • Step 20: You should now be ready for you top strip of fabric.
  • Step 21: Sew a strip of fabric at least 1/2" wide to the top of your zipper completing the front of your pocket. The finished size of this piece should be 5" x 3".
  • Step 22: Trim your quilt top down to 5" x 3". You should have a quilt top, zippered back, and a piece of white backing fabric all 5" x 3".
  • Step 23: Lay your white background fabric on the backside of your quilt top and then lay your zippered piece face up on top of the white background and pin all 3 layers together.
  • Step 24: Sew around the edge of your quilt top on all four sides.

Tutorial: Quilted Lanyard Name Tag

  • Step 25: Cut strips 2.25" wide for your binding and press in half.
  • Step 26: Sew the binding onto your name tag with your preferred binding method.
  • Step 27: Before your sew your binding to the back of your name tag, we will create our lanyard.
  • Step 28: Take a 25" - 35" long strip of binding fabric and fold 2 sides inward and press.
  • Step 29: Fold those two sides together press again. Sew 1/8" from the edge down the length of the binding to create a closed strip.
  • Step 30: Place the ends of your lanyard strip on the top backside of your tag. Baste or tack them into place about 1/2" from each edge of your tag. Now hand stitch your binding to the back, as you would on a regular quilt.

She just loves jumping in the photos

You will now have completed name tag! Please let me know if anything needs clarifying or if you have questions. I would love to see your finished name tags. If you use this tutorial and would like to share come join the Pile O' Fabric Flickr Group.


Jacob Lichner

Jacob Lichner

Creator of Pile O' Fabric


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