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Triangle Wheel Quilt Block // Technique Tutorial Tuesdays

This post is part of the Technique Tutorial Tuesdays Series. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series. A few month's back, actually on the 4th of July, I shared with you my triangle blocks that I had made for a quilting 3x6 Bee. Since then I have had a few requests for a block tutorial. So today I will be teaching you how to make a Triangle Wheel Block.

The Tutorial

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

This block can be used in many different ways. You can make a 12.5" full block with the triangle or you can use just the 8.5" inner triangles to piece together.

Piecing some Bee Blocks Bee Blocks for 3x6 Sampler Bee

This block is designed and definitely works much better when using double sided solids like Kona Cotton. Kona Cotton does not have a right or wrong side. If you decide to use prints you will need to make sure you cut your triangles the proper direction so the right side will be facing. It will take a bit more planning, fabric and thought when using prints. The inner triangle of this block is Charm Square friendly so this is a great block for all you Kona Swappers.

Material/Cutting List (for 1 Block)

Inner Triangle: Part 1
  • 6 - different color 5" charm squares
Background Border : Part 2

Important Notes

Each inner triangle consists of 6 triangle pieces. Each 5" charm can yield 4 triangle pieces. So to complete one inner triangle you will need two 5" charms. For this tutorial I used 6 different colors for my inner triangle, which gives the block a really fun look. So for this tutorial it calls for 6 different colored charms, this would actually be enough to make 4 identical inner triangles. The reason I wanted to mention this is just so you know you will have extra triangles pieces :) We will be using scant 1/4" seam allowance. I will give pressing directions throughout the tutorial. The overall block measurements have a little fudging room so that you will be able to accurately square up your block to 12.5" when your done.

Lets Begin

PART 1 // Piecing the Triangle

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

  • Step 1: Get your charm squares, ruler and rotary cutter/mat
  • Step 2: Cut all 6 charms in half making them 5" x 2.5"
  • Step 3: Take your half charm and measure from the upper left point to bottom right point
  • Step 4: Sub-cut the half charm into two identical triangles
  • Step 5: Cut all your charms squares this way, each charm square will yield 4 triangles
  • Step 6: Lay your triangle pieces out in the order you plan to piece them using the picture here as a guide

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

  • Step 7: In this photo you will see the order of piecing. You will first sew piece A to B and then C to B.
  • Step 8: Sew A to B and finger press your seam open
  • Step 9: Line up the right edge of B & C and sew, finger press your seam open
  • Step 10: Sew A to B on the second side of your triangle
  • Step 11: Sew C to B on the second side of your triangle
  • Step 12: All seams should be pressed open with your finger.

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

  • Step 13: You will now have to halves of the triangle
  • Step 14: Lay your two sides right sides together and carefully line up the center points and place a pin in the seams to hold in place
  • Step 15: Sew the two sides together, finger press seams open
  • Step 16: With a hot dry iron and starch press your final triangle assuring all seams are pressed open nicely
PART 2 // Adding the Background

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

  • Step 17: Cut all required background fabrics and prepare inner triangle using Step 1
  • Step 18: Print out your PDF triangle template, take the 2 - 8.5" x 6" pieces and cut the template out of them. You will now have two large triangle pieces
  • Step 19: Lay all your background pieces out around the triangle as a guide for piecing
  • Step 20: Line your first background triangle up with the inner triangle. *Be sure to line up the bottom point of the triangle with the bottom corner of the background fabric, the excess background fabric should be at the top of the triangle* Sew in place.
  • Step 21: Repeat for the second triangle background piece
  • Step 22: Press your seams outward from the center of the triangle

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

  • Step 23: Square up the top of your block. There should be approx. 1.25" of background fabric above the top point of your triangle after you square up.
  • Step 24: Take your 2 - 10.5" x 3.25" pieces and lay them on the top and bottom of the triangle block
  • Step 25: Sew each border onto the triangle block, one to the top, one to the bottom. Trim up the left and right sides of your block.
  • Step 26: Press your seams outward from the center of your triangle
  • Step 27: You block should now be trimmed up, pressed, and ready for the side borders
  • Step 28: Take your 2 - 13.25" x 2.25" borders and sew one on the left side and one on the right side. Press your seams outward from the center of the triangle.


  • Step 29: With a 12.5" ruler line up the center seam of your triangle block with the 6.25" center mark on the ruler and trim up your block to a perfect 12.5"

Triangle Wheel Block Tutorial

You now have a Triangle Wheel block! Use this to create an entire quilt, a pillow, or even bee blocks. Its super fun! I can't wait to see what you make with it. I would really love it if you would share your projects at the Pile O' Fabric Flickr group! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Jacob Lichner

Jacob Lichner

Creator of Pile O' Fabric


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