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Let the Voting Begin! ~ Groovy Finalists ~ Totally Groovy QAL

This post is part of the Totally Groovy Quilt Along. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the Quilt Along. Alright folks let me just start off by saying this was SOO SOO hard! Narrowing it down from 21 finished quilts to 10 was not easy for us judges. I am so glad the final winners are going to be chosen by all of you! There is NO WAY we could have narrowed it to 3! You all did an amazing job and I am so glad you quilted along with me. Thank you for your hard work! I was very thankful Emily Cier and Angela Walters offered to help me judge. I didn't want the final quilts chosen just based on our own tastes so for the judging we created a few categories to help us narrow it down.
  • Fabric Choice - Best use of colors and fabric choice
  • Quilting - Best quilting by machine or hand
  • Unique - Best at making the quilt their own and unique
  • Quilt Back - Best creative quilt back designs
These categories will not be used for final voting, but they did help us to step back and really look at each quilt with a focus in mind. Before you cast your vote I wanted to share a little about each of the finalist's quilts. These are in no particular order…

The Finalists

Jen (Quilter in the Closet)


Jen did a really fantastic job with her quilting, and seriously look at the backing! I'd say she truly "conquered the curves"!

Andrea at Sew Useful


Andrea's choices of color is really fun! The straight line quilting look really awesome, and again check out her backing, wow!

Nat at Made In Home

Nat definitely gets a medal for making her quilt unique and her own! I love the use of prints and if you look closely she hand quilted the flower stems!

Denise at myfamilythinksimworking

I really enjoyed reading about Denise's quilt process. Her daughter was the inspiration for the quilting, which is very awesome. She has added music notes, and even signed a little note to her daughter in the quilting.

Mary-Clare Tremain

Totally Groovy QAL completed quilt groove quilt

This is one seriously BIG quilt. I'm a bit jealous I didn't make one this big. I really love her color choice, and that she flipped the pattern on its side and rounded the corners.


All you need is love All you need is love All you need is love

All you need is love! So perfect for a groovy quilt. If you look closely she quilted love allover the quilt. Her backing design is also very unique and completely befitting for the Totally Groovy theme!

Jess at The Elven Garden


Jess chose a wonderful color scheme, and her quilting looks so perfect its not even funny. In fact she quilted hers before I started mine and was a huge inspiration to me :)


Totally finished!! totally groovy back

Another BIG one. I absolutely love the sketch fabric she chose it provides a very nice overall texture to the quilt which is beautiful. Her colors, quilting, and even her backing are just fantastic!

Erica at Kitchen Table Quilting

Groove Quilt Groove Quilt back

I think we all agreed that Erica's color choice is just fantastic, she also has done a fabulous job with the quilting, especially considering this was only her second time free motion quilting.

Amy at the cute life

Completed Groove Quilt

From afar this quilt looks like an all solids quilt, but if you look close up Amy actually used a fun sketchy print which looks really great. For the backing she used a really fun groovy floral print, and used it as her guide for the floral quilting. What a great idea!

Cast your Vote!

So there you have it! Now the hard part :) YOU have to vote! So glad I don't ;). The more votes the better the contest will be so please please share about this with your friends! You may vote for one quilt using the linky tool below. Since I was a day late posting this I am extending the voting out till Saturday night. I will annouce the winners of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and drawing prizes on Sunday (my anniversary :). Good luck finalists! '); Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a finished quilt or quilt top. All the hard work into planning this quilt along paid off when I saw your quilts, it makes me so excited! To those of you still working on your Groove quilts, take all the time you need, but please share with me when your done I can't wait to see!




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