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Reader Appreciation Giveaway Week

I am so excited about this week! Tomorrow (Monday) is officially Day 1 of Reader Appreciation Giveaway Week here at Pile O' Fabric. For the next four days I will be giving away a handmade item that I have made just for you!
I have been planning this for a month or so and have been actively working away on the handmade items. It was super super fun to do. In fact I really love making things for gifts, swaps, and giveaways. I find that when I am making something for myself I can be a little sloppy, but when I making something for someone else it really challenges me to slow down, enjoy the process, and take the time to do things right.  

Thank You!

The reasoning behind this week's celebration, is first and formost to tell you all, Thank You. Thank you for your encouraging comments, for your feedback, for challenging me, and for being here to listen to me as I walk through my quilting journey.  


My very first quilt
My very first quilt
It has been a whirlwind of a year, and I am celebrating many new accomplishments! One year ago this December, I decided to make my very first quilt. I made a puff baby quilt, which I had used for my son as a tummy time mat. When I made that first quilt I for some reason thought all quilts were made with flannel, HA man thats funny.
My second quilt
My second quilt
After I made that first quilt, which I did in matter of a few days, I was totally in love. So I began working on a quilt for my daughter. I started digging through web and internet for anything I could find on quilting, I starting reading a ton of books, blogs, watching you tube videos. It was during the making of this second quilt my first machine died. So my husband bought my a Brother machine off Amazon for Christmas. I was SO excited. It had a darning foot so I was able to try out FMQ, and you can see I used a stipple in the borders, that was my first time FMQ. The quilting obsession just took off from there! I continued sewing mostly baby quilts, and was subscribing to about 100+ quilting and sewing blogs. After I had my son in March I started pondering the idea of starting a blog. I found myself wanting to talk about the quilt projects I was working on, and felt I was driving my husband nuts with quilt talk. So I figured even if I didn't have many people reading what I had to say, It would at-least give me an outlet for sharing about my quilting. So on April 3, 2012, Pile O' Fabric was born. When I was thinking about names, I was actually having a 3 way text chat with my two older sisters, and they were trying to help me think of a befitting name. My sister Holly, was actually just kidding but she had said, how about Pile O' Fabric, since we all have a BIG OLE' Pile O' Fabric! I knew it was perfect. Quilter's just have these massive piles of fabric, and we just love to fold them, pet them, and stare at them. At the time I didn't even have that big of a Pile, but sure enough I have a ton now. haha My subtile is Conquering one pile at a time. Which really is what I try to do. Sometimes I have thought it could also be "So much fabric so little time". Fast Forward 9 months and I absolutely cannot believe how much has happened! So here is a fantastic list of things that have happened. I am so very thankful I… I believe there is much more, but I must just say I am so thankful for this new found adventure in my life and I cannot wait to see where it will take me in the years to come, and I really am so so so so thankful to have you by my side for the journey! So without further ado here is how the giveaways will work…

Handmade Giveaways Rules

Each day I will post a new giveaway post. Each post will have a different Rafflecopter entry form, so be sure to enter each one. All giveaway's will accept entries until Christmas Eve at 8 p.m. I will then announce the winner's on Christmas. I figured that would be kind of a fun Christmas present for the winners. Below I will update a list of all the giveaway prizes as they are announced. Stop by tomorrow (Monday, December 16th) for giveaway #1! Can't wait :)  


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