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Taking baby steps with your hoarded fabric // Technique Tutorial Tuesday

This post is part of the Technique Tutorial Tuesdays Series. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series.
December is already flying by, this week I am excited to be having another wonderful guest for our Technique Tutorial Tuesday. I would like to welcome Beth from Plum and June! Beth is the well known master mind behind the HUGE Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop, which was incredibly helpful in growing our blogs and meeting new people. In the time I have had to get to know Beth a little bit ( I may be wrong) but I get the sense she is a very organized person. She was always on time with her hop posts, and very good at keeping us all up to date via email even with this post today, she was so organized. That is definitely a quality I wish I had. I love Beth's improv style and really enjoy following her blog. When she told me about the tutorial she would be sharing today I had to giggle a little because, it is SO Beth, and I love it!
In today's tutorial Beth teaches us how to take your hoarded fabrics and with baby steps actually use them! Now when I say hoarded fabrics I am talking your absolute favorite fabrics, you know what I am talking about. Those fabrics that sit super pretty on our book shelves all folded and bundled, for weeks, months, years, decades, yes those bundles you stare at daily, pet weekly, and re-fold monthly. Beth will teach you how to take those fabrics, cut into them and make really fun projects that you will love, BUT in the end you will still have basically all your pretty fabric left to pet and re-fold :) Yes, baby steps! Sounds pretty much like perfection to me! And what not a better tutorial for Pile O' Fabric! (Conquering One Pile at a Time!!) Haha

Giveaway at Plum and June

Curious Nature Crosses, Woods Curious Nature Crosses, Woods by Carla at CoraQuilts
Beth is also hosting a Giveaway over at her blog today sponsored byMarmalade Fabrics. Enter for a chance to win a Fat Quarter Bundle of Seven Wonders by Parson's Gray. A few months back I saw this quilt made by Carla at CoraQuilts, it was made with Curious Nature which is very similar to Seven Wonders and I loved it! She made it for her son and I think it is just perfect for a man gift! So head on over to Plum and June for a chance to win and to for a fantastictutorial!  
Jacob Lichner

Jacob Lichner

Creator of Pile O' Fabric


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