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Finishing touches on my Christmas Sewing

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend! I don't know about you, but I have a pretty jam packed weekend ahead, which I am really excited about. This evening is an annual Christmas party with my moms side of the family, and then tomorrow were going up north to Prescott to visit my Dad, and my husbands family.
Next Christmas present to finish, yikes I'm crazy! I started this quilt back in March and somehow still waited till the last minute!
Today I will be tagging a few of my Christmas presents, and that will be it for sewing for a few days. I am pretty excited I was able to get my moms present done which I have named The Secret Garden quilt. I will share the full reveal next week. I started this quilt back in March and had it basted in a bin for months and months.

Featured Tutorial

I also wanted to share that today my Granny Coaster tutorial is being featured that's always pretty exciting! Everyday I get an email from Sew Can She with a new tutorial. If you are a free pattern and tutorial fan this is definitely the site for you!

Craftsy Sale

The last thing I wanted to share with you today is about a HUGE sale. You will probably hear about this sale throughout blogland, because Craftsy does an amazing job advertising. I am one of their affiliates and its because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Craftsy. If you don't know what Craftsy is let me tell you :). Craftsy is an online platform for Crafting Classes, and Workshops. They also have an online shop in which they sell patterns, fabric, and supplies. The cool thing is you can sell your own patterns on Craftsy and you make 100% of the profits. As a web designer and developer I think that Craftsy is really a brilliant idea. The design is beautiful, easy to use, and the classes are really really helpful and very affordable.   I am personally signed up for 6 classes, yes I may be a bit nuts. But, that is the beauty of Craftsy you can finish your class whenever you feel like it and go at your own pace. You will have access to the classes forever. Here are some of the classes I am taking…
Online Quilting Class

Creative Quilt Backs with Elizabeth Hartman

This class is FREE, which is awesome. I already finished the class and it really changed my quilting. When I would design a quilt back I could never figure out how to get my back to line up with what I wanted on the front. This class shows you how to design awesome backings and how to properly baste them so everything lines up properly. You end up with basically two quilts in one!  
Online Quilting Class

Machine Quilting Negative Space with Angela Walters

Brilliant. I absolutely loved this class. I finished it pretty quickly because It was so good. Angela is an awesome teacher and an amazing quilter. She has personally helped me quite a few times when I had some quilting issues. If you want to learn more about FMQ this class is perfect, this isn't just for Long Arm Quilters either, I use a Domestic Machine and it was very helpful.
Online Quilting Class

Designing Modern Quilts with Weeks Ringle

I was so excited when I saw this new class a few weeks ago. Week's and Bill's book Quilting Modern was one of the first books I read when I began quilting. I love their designs and am very excited to be taught how to design from them.
Online Quilting Class

Inspired Modern Quilts by Elizabeth Hartman

I am about halfway through this class and it is fantastic. Elizabeth Hartman is one of my all time favorite designers, and the quilts you get to make in this class are beautiful. I have not made them, but what I am getting the most out of this class is watching Elizabeth making multiple quilts start to finish. You get to see how she plans, designs, pieces, bastes, quilts, all which I have found very helpful.

Some Classes I have been eyeing…

Online Sewing Class
Online Sewing Class
There are two non-quilting classes I have been eyeing and with the sale I think I may choose one. I don't dress up often, but I really love Retro Dresses and I would really like to get better at sewing clothes. I also really love the idea of designing my own bags. So what classes do you like?  

Reader Appreciation Week Giveaways

Last note :) Don't forget if you have not already to enter for a chance to win one of these handmade items for Reader Appreciation Week. You have till Christmas Eve at 8pm MST. Here they are again…




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