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FMQ with Cristy + Giveaway // Technique Tutorial Tuesday

Happy New Year! We are going to start off the New Year with the first Technique Tutorial of the year. If you have recently joined me here at Pile O' Fabric, Welcome! Each Tuesday, I have a series called Technique Tutorial Tuesdays. Either myself or a guest will prepare a tutorial using a helpful technique every Tuesday (with occasional breaks here and there :) I plan to align the topics of these tutorial with the Blocks we will be quilting in theSkill Builder BOM. So if you are quilting along for the BOM these tuts could be very helpful. Today I am excited to introduce you to Cristy Fincher our guest technique master today.

Meet Cristy

Cristy is the owner of Purple Daisies LLC and she gets this all the time, but she is the daughter of the well renown master quilter Sharon SchamberPurple Daisies LLC is where you will find teaching materials and supplies from Cristy and Sharons techniques. Cristy and I met at a Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I am so so thankful I met her, she is a wonderful friend and fantastic teacher. When you get to know Cristy you immediately will see that she genuinely wants to teach others the art of quilting, out of a true love for it herself. She is a fantastic teacher just like her mother, and between her and her mother Sharon, I have learned techniques that have completely changed my quilting. For example Elmers Glue is now a staple and must in almost every single project I do. I also use a Quilt Halo to FMQ and I LOVE their Applique Foundation! When I am working on a project I often post a lot of instagram photos on Flickr. And so many people have asked my whats the red hoop in my pictures is all the time. What red hoop you may ask? [one-half]
[one-half last]
Well that red hoop is a Quilt Halo, a brilliant little tool designed by Sharon Schamber. Using the Halo gives you huge relief from the physical stress of machine quilting.  Because of the support it gives you, your shoulders, and arms your hands can relax, which eases common quilting discomfort. And because of my health and fibromyalgia I can use all the relief I can get! It is also not just for comfort purposes it has helped me gain better control when I am FMQ in turn allowing my stitches to be so much nicer.

A Giveaway

Cristy has so graciously offered to giveaway a Domestic DVD Beginner set which includes a Quilt HaloSupreme SliderFilling the Spaces DVD and Bobbin Genies. This is the first set I bought at Purple Daises and has been so very helpful.

Enter To Win

Here's how, using the Rafflecopter Widget below follow the steps. First step is to head over to Cristy's fantastic tutorial and check it out. Come back here and leave a comment on this post telling me what you learned.

For Bonus Entries

  • Easy Entry for Purple Daisies Facebook Fans
  • Easy Entry for Pile O' Fabric Facebook Fans
This giveaway will end Saturday, January 5th, at 12 a.m. EST. Mr. Random will choose one winner and I will announce their name Sunday on Facebook and Twitter and I will email the winner directly.  

A Discount

UPDATE: I added this discount later. After all the excitement of this post Cristy decided to give you all a discount so you could give these tools a try. Use the code FB500 for 20% off of your next order at Purple Daisies LLC.

The Tutorial

Today Cristy will be sharing with us a really helpful video tutorial on how to use a Quilt Halo and very helpful Free Motion Quilting tips. So head on over for this weeks Technique Tutorial!
Jacob Lichner

Jacob Lichner

Creator of Pile O' Fabric


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