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Intro to Free Motion Quilting with Christa // Technique Tutorial Tuesday

This post is part of the Technique Tutorial Tuesdays Series. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series.
It's been a few months now since I began Technique Tutorial Tuesday and I have really enjoyed it. Now with the Skill Builder BOM in the works I have decided to try and align the subject matter of Tuesday Tutorials with things that will be beneficial and coincide with the Skill Builder BOM. This Thursday I will post the very first Skill Builder BOM Free Motion Quilting Lesson, and let me tell you it is a biggy! Since we will be in "FMQ" mode for a few weeks I figured today would be a perfect day to have a Tutorial on FMQ basics. I asked good friend and wonderful quilter Christa from Christa Quilts if she wanted to provide a tutorial and she went above and beyond! I am so excited to be welcoming Christa back for another Technique Tutorial, Thank you so much Christa!
Christa Quilts  - Techniques and Tools – Intro to Free-Motion Quilting
Christa Quilts - Techniques and Tools – Intro to Free-Motion Quilting
Christa talks about important tools you will need, thread choice, tension setup, starting, stopping, and practicing. This is a wonderful resource and a tutorial you just can't miss! So head on over to Christa Quilts blog for a Techniques and Tools – Intro to Free-Motion Quilting Tutorial
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Jacob Lichner

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