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The Mothers Love Collection by Holly Stringer

The other day I announced the beginnings of Aria Lane a modern pattern design company. If you haven't already, you can read all about Aria Lane here. Today I want to share with you our first Embroidery Collection. First I want to introduce to you my sister and one of the first Aria Lane Designers, Holly Stringer! My name is Holly Stringer and I began my adventure with Aria Lane, last year, when my sister Alyssa started sharing her love for quilting with me. It was no surprise to me, my sisters and I have gone through many crafting phases. I jumped around from scrapbooking to cake decorating. But this was different, it was like she had become a quilting super star over night. I couldn't believe all of the quilts and projects she was making. She explained how she wanted to make quilt and embroidery patterns to share with others, she had so many ideas but clearly there was just too much to accomplish by just one person. I thought maybe I could help her with the illustrations. So I opened my big mouth.... Isn't that what sisters do? I thought with my background in computer aided design, I could possibly help out. I have been illustrating, in a sense, for many years. I started designing and making jewelry in 2004. In 2006 I started using CAD/CAM to design custom jewelry for Artful Eye Jewelers a local jewelry store in Prescott, AZ. Over the past several years, we have won many awards for our jewelry designs. Alyssa suggested that I illustrate some embroidery patterns. I was excited, but I still knew nothing about embroidery. When Alyssa came to visit one weekend, she decided to show me how to embroider. My very first embroidery project was a little needle book. I spent like two days making this silly thing! Watching you tube videos along the way, I wanted to know how to do every type of embroidery! I was hooked! This seems to be a familiar pattern for me, fall in love with a new craft, buy a whole bunch of supplies and then run out of money before I'm finished with my first project...sigh. But I was pleasantly surprised when I made my first visit to the floss section of the local craft store. I took what seemed like hours to pick out several floss colors. When I got up to the check-out I laid my pile of floss down thinking "Is this going to be another craft that empties my wallet?" The cashier kindly gave me my total, I can't remember exactly but it was under $3.00!  Woohoo, I was so excited! The girl looked at me like I was a crazy person. I finally found a great craft that I enjoyed and would only cost me a few bucks here and there, score!  No fancy machines or tools needed. When my oldest son had his first birthday, I decided to learn how to decorate cakes with fondant. I really do enjoy the process and I have since made some really neat cakes. But after all the hours of work, someone is going to cut into my beautiful work of art and scarf it down. Leaving me with only pictures and mess in my kitchen. I think that is my favorite part about embroidery, I can cherish it for years to come. No ones going to eat my pretty butterfly that I stitched on a scarf...well I do have a six month old, you never know. Haha I now do a lot of illustrating and embroidering for Aria Lane and I love it. I really am enjoying myself and its a great way to relax and have a little fun.

The Mother's Love Collection

The Mother's Love Collection is the first of Holly's collections, and was inspired by the deep bond between Mother and Child she and many of us have with our children. The collection has 5 embroidery pattern's which can be purchased individually or in the entire collection for a discount. Each embroidery pattern comes with a DMC color chart, colored stitch diagram, full instructions, and a black and white stitch guide for printing in regular and reversed.

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Today I am giving away one Mother's Love Collection which included 5 embroidery patterns to one lucky Pile O' Fabric reader.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway That's it for the Aria Lane collections right now, but there are many more to come! I will be back next week to share with you all about QuiltCon. I am off to my next class!

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