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Goodbye Google Reader

Well I am sure you have heard about Google's big news, on July, 1 2013 they will be completely shutting down Google Reader. This is shocking news to many. I know a lot of you Pile O' Fabric readers follow me via Google Reader so I wanted to be sure you knew how to get your favorite Blogs into a new reader before the change happens.


I have been a recent fan of Bloglovin' it is super user friendly, and they have an app for iPhone,  ̶i̶P̶a̶d̶ (update: I somehow imaged I saw an iPad app, but it turns out they just have the iPhone app), and Droid. Because of this new change I feel they will grow greatly and the product could get even nicer. The really awesome part is Bloglovin' has made the move from Google Reader super simple. You can import your Google RSS Feeds in one click. It seriously took me maybe 2 minutes. Just go to Bloglovin' create a new account, and then go to the import page. I am now following all my 100's of blogs in one place and it feels clean and organized!

Besides RSS Feeds there are many other way's to follow Pile O' Fabric!

  • Email Newsletter - whenever a new post is posted to Pile O' Fabric I send out a custom Mail Chimp email with the entire post.
  • Facebook - One of my favorite way's to share about posts, giveaways, favorite fabrics, what Im up to and such.
  • Twitter - Another place to keep up with posts, and giveaways. I use it slightly less than Facebook, but still often.
  • Pinterest - I use Pinterest to be inspired and you can find a ton of quilting related content in my Pinterest Boards.
  • Flickr Profile - Flickr is one of my favorite places to share photos of what I am working on and to communicate in Swaps, BOM's, and QAL's. If you make any items using a Pile O' Fabric tutorial I would love for you to share it on the Pile O' Fabric Flickr Group.
  • Instagram - Is my way to basically "micro-blog" I don't always have time to write formal blog posts. But, if you just want to keep up with all my sewing projects, fabric pulls, fun mail day pics, even occasionally family photos, or pictures of food, than you can join me on Instagram
  • You Tube - You Tube is where you will find all my Video Tutorials. You can subscribe to my You Tube Channel to keep up to date with videos.

And of course you can always come visit Pile O' Fabric directly. There is always something new! As a graphic designer I'm sure you will see changing often.

Be sure to make the change soon, I'd surely miss you around here :)




Creator of Pile O' Fabric