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Let's Face it, it's a Binding with Cristy // Technique Tutorial Tuesday

This post is part of the Technique Tutorial Tuesdays Series. Click here to see all of the posts and learn more about the series. Last week I really enjoyed making the improv curves block with the Fat Quarter Shop. Today I am excited to have Cristy from Sew Much Like Mom and Purple Daisies back to Technique Tutorial Tuesday for an AMAZING facing binding tutorial! When I was at Quilt Con I saw quite a few quilts which appeared to have no binding. I asked the white glove lady to show me the backs of these quilts and they really did have bindings, but you just couldn't see them. It was a really awesome look and I was determined to figure it out. I knew my improv curves block would be a good as little mini wall hanging and wanted to use it as a test run on the "invisible" binding. When I sat down to figure out how to do it, I first had no clue what it was really called. If you Google "invisible binding" you get a few techniques for a pillow case style binding, but not what I was looking for. I asked my fellow quilting friends on Instagram and the Modern Quilting Group if they knew what the technical name was, and it turns out it is called Facing. Cristy (cristycreates on instagram) saw my post and was completely intrigued by the idea of facing. She totally jumped on it and started working on a tutorial for Technique Tuesday. I followed Cristy's tutorial and added facing to my improv circles block. Let me tell you…I am SO in love. WOW. This method was very easy, only took me about 25 mins to do for my very first try, and the results are so clean! I already use a similar method to Cristy's for binding my quilts, and now I am definitely sticking with this facing technique. When machine stitching the facing Cristy suggests using monofillament thread. I used white thread and It definitely shows up, so I would suggest sticking to her suggestion. Head on over to Sew Much Like Mom and try out this fantastic technique tutorial!


Alyssa Williams

Alyssa Williams

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Alyssa Lichner is a graphic designer turned avid sewist. She writes modern quilting tutorials and shares techniques and inspiration on her blog, Pile O’ Fabric. Alyssa has a passion for exploring different techniques and applying them to modern designs. She is thankful to have the opportunity to share these techniques, through her tutorials, patterns, and classes with quilters around the world. She always encourages her readers and students to challenge themselves to try new things and to approach quilting with a fearless attitude.