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Kits for April Blocks // Skill Builder BOM

In the Skill Builder Block Lesson for March I had mentioned that in April we will be making the Diamond Carat block, and the Chev N' Hex block. We will be making these blocks using english paper piecing, which is a hand piecing method. When english paper piecing most people use a card stock or basic paper, but I use a different method which I will be teaching you. I prefer to use an applique foundation that stay's in place and when washed turns into fibers along with your fabric. This applique foundation is something I get from my sponsor Purple Daises. Cristy at Purple Daisies and I decided to come together and create pre-cut applique foundation kits. We have a good friend Donice who owns a laser cutting business and she custom lazer cut the piece for the BOM blocks. There are two kits one has pre-cut pieces for the Diamond Carat block, and one has the pre-cut hexagons for the Chev N' Hex block. These kits are now posted on Purple Daises and can be purchased. Order them now and you should have them in plenty time for April's block lessons. They can be shipped internationally as well!

The Kits

Diamond Carat Kit

Includes 25 pre-cut applique foundation pieces with letter labels for the Diamond Carat block.

Chev N' Hex Kit

This kit includes 60 pre-cut applique foundation hexagons, and will be used for the Chev N' Hex Block. You are NOT required to purchase the kits. You can use regular cardstock or paper and thread baste the pieces if you prefer. I do prefer to use the applique foundation and it will be the method I will be teaching.

Other Supplies

Here is a list of other supplies we will be using for these blocks




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