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FMQ Lesson #6 // Skill Builder BOM

This post is part of a series of posts for the Skill Builder BOM (Block of the Month). To learn more about the block of the month or to see a list of all posts click here.

Lesson # 6 block’s really presented me with a challenge. I loved the blocks as is without quilting so much I could not think of what to quilt them without “ruining” the look of the blocks. However, one of the beauties of custom quilting is that you don’t have to do an allover design, you can use quilting to compliment the design: and keep it simple. For these two blocks, that is exactly what I decided to do, keep the quilting simple and minimal.

Shattered Chevron Block


bom6quilted 1

For the Shattered Chevrons block, I decided to keep the quilting complementary and simple. To quilt your block in the same way:

  • Begin by first stitching in the ditch around the block/border.
  • While you still have your background color thread in your machine, start in column one and wave stitch each black “chevron” piece.
  • When you complete one black piece, try to travel stitch through the corner of the piece to the next black “chevron” piece without stopping to break thread.
  • After each background “chevron” piece is quilted, fill the borders with small stippling.
  • Bury threads and trim block down to 14.5”.

Broken Arrow Block




For the Broken Arrow block, I couldn’t bring myself to quilt over all those paper-pieced beauties, so I decided to keep the quilting VERY simple. To quilt your block in the same way:

  • Start by quilting in the ditch between the borders and block around all 4 sides.
  • Quilt 4 organic wavy lines in each background divider between the colored pieces.
  • Quilt the borders with wood grain quilting (see diagram above).
  • To quilt the wood grain, start with a gentle wavy line (1). Continue quilting making a knot by arching inwards (2). Continue by arching back out of the knot (3).
  • Continue quilting downward out of the first knot you have made and back into a wavy line. When ready, begin quilting another knot (4). Finish the knot and quilt off the edge of your block (5).
  • Echo 1/4” around the wood knots, you have created and continue adding knots and wavy lines until the entire area is filled (6).
  • Bury the threads and trim block down to 14.5”.

Lesson Download

FMQ-lesson-6-button   Have fun playing with this new woodgrain quilting design it could be one of my favorites!
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Alyssa Williams

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