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Pile O' Fabric Stash Share

Considering the name of this blog I thought it only befitting that I start sharing some fabric bundles from my stash. I will put together a color scheme and challenge myself to pull a bundle of fabrics from my stash in that color scheme. Then each Monday I will share my bundle choice with you. My hope is that doing this on a weekly basis will help me to get better at choosing colors schemes and fabrics for projects.



I would love to challenge you to join me each week! This will officially be the Pile O' Fabric Stash Share!

Here is how to participate…

  • Monday's I will post the weeks color scheme and my custom bundle.
  • Once the color scheme is posted go to your stash and pull your own custom bundle based on the color scheme.
  • Come back to that weeks "Stash Share" blog post and you will see the "Share your Stash" image gallery and image upload. Upload your image and add a name and description. Please note your image will not be visible immediately! To make sure there is no spam images uploaded I must approve your image once it is approved it will show up. I may change this in the future if I can find a better solution, but for now I will moderate all images.
  • Once you have uploaded you image feel free to share you image on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest as well and use hash tag #pileofabricstashshare

Stash Share Details

  • I plan to do this on Monday's on a regular basis, but I will just put it out there now that sometimes life can get very hectic and I may skip a week :) 
  • Your bundle choice doesn't have to be the same amount (ex. 9 fabrics) as mine, however I would say it needs to be at least a minimum of 3 different fabrics.
  • For my bundle choices I will try to share what each fabric is just in case you fall in love and have to have a print. These fabrics are coming from my stash and if there is no selvage on the fabric I may have to do some research to figure out the fabric. I also can't guarantee that the print will still be available for sale, since prints do sell out over time.
  • If you upload your photo to share please put your name and/or blog in the description. Right now this isn't a link up, but a gallery of images. So the images don't link to anything. I may change this in the future as well.
  • You can share your photo anytime! If you come across this post or any stash share post months and months from you are more than welcome to still upload your photo there is no time limit.

This Weeks Colors and Pile O' Fabric

[caption id="attachment_3769" align="aligncenter" width="500"]purple-green-glory-scheme This week I have chosen a yummy purple and green color scheme![/caption]

purple-green-gloryThis bundle from bottom clockwise includes Comma Lime Chalk, Bloom in LilacKona Hibiscus, Anthology Print, Kona Peridot, Marbled Stripe Heirloom, Kona Berry, Lizzy House Pearls in Basil, Comma Periods Lime.

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