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Block Lesson #7 // Skill Builder BOM

This post is part of a series of posts for the Skill Builder BOM (Block of the Month). To learn more about the block of the month or to see a list of all posts click here.

This month I am excited to introduce three new techniques!

  • Inset Circle – An inset circle is a perfect circle! No Drunkards Path curves pieced together — it is a true circle.
  • Flange – A flange is a folded flap. When you want to achieve varied thin “stripes” throughout an improv block you can use a flange. Doing this avoids working with itty bitty 1/4” pieces of fabric.
  • Wavy Curves – Wavy curves are just as they are named, wavy. They have a very gentle curve.

Before we begin this lesson I want to express my goal for you. The most important key to conquering these curve techniques is to be fearless. If you approach curves with any apprehension or fear you will struggle. Dedicate yourself right now to have no fear of curves, because honestly there is nothing to be afraid of. Curves are much easier than they look. In fact I believe we have learned other techniques this year that are much harder than curves!

The Blocks

saturn-block-ad The Candyland Block was pieced with wavy curves. The really awesome thing about this block is will yield two blocks! The Candyland Block was pieced with wavy curves. The really awesome thing about this block is will yield two blocks! *Update - I totally forget to mention that the Candyland block is not in the original quilt layout photo, it will be replacing the Santa Cruz wave (on quilt layout it is the top row, third in). The more I stared at the Santa Cruz wave block the more I disliked it. My goal with that block was to teach gentle curves, and the Candyland block achieves the same goal.candyland-block-2 

Video Tutorial: Piecing the Wavy Curves

The only technique I felt needed a video was piecing the wavy curves on the Candyland block. This is just much easier to see in a video than in pictures…

Lesson Download

Download Block Lesson #7 by clicking on the PDF button below. If you have any questions about the blocks, or see any errors, please stop by the flickr group or email me.

Lesson Update

Piecing Note: I want to clarify that the flanges will turn out to be “flaps” that are folded and pressed to one direction. This may not have been clear enough in the original block lesson so I am adding it as an update. See photo below…

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Jacob Lichner

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