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Block Lesson #8 // Skill Builder BOM

This post is part of a series of posts for the Skill Builder BOM (Block of the Month). To learn more about the block of the month or to see a list of all posts click here. One thing I really wanted to encourage you and even myself to do during this BOM is to try new things. I think we have done that so far with using things like Elmer’s School Glue, wash away applique foundation, etc. This month we are going to be playing with two new notions and fun FAST techniques which can be applied in many quilting projects.

Pellon 820 Quilter’s Grid™ Fusible Interfacing

quilters-grid The first new notion we are going to try will be used on both blocks and can easily be purchased at Joann’s or a local quilt shop. 820 Quilter’s Grid™ is a fusible non-woven interfacing with a 1” printed grid for precision piecing of quilting projects. It is helpful with the construction of wall hangings and quilts that utilize cut fabric squares. It makes arranging fabrics easy without the bother of pinning. This grid would work REALLY well if you were making a pixel quilt!

Triangles On a Roll™ Paper


The second new notion we are going to try is called Triangles On a Roll™ paper. This amazing paper will save you time and a headache. Honestly if I would have known about it back in Lesson #6 for the Shattered Chevron block I would have used it and probably saved us all a lot of time. So forgive me; I only just found out about it recently. The owner of Triangles On a Roll™, Pat, lives about 10 minutes from my house and we connected through another friend at a PHXMQG meeting.

Triangles On a Roll™ paper comes in many different sizes and types of triangles (half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, flying geese, 60 degree triangles, 22.5 degree triangles, etc.) so the sky's the limit. For the Phoenix Block we will be using the 1.5” Half Square Triangles On a Roll™ paper.  One roll of paper in this size can make 1,050 HST’s, so of course you will have extra and I would love to see what you make with them! The paper can be ordered at or you may be able to also find it at your local quilt shop.

The Blocks

pixelate-block-ad   phoenix-block-ad

Block Lesson #8 Download

[caption id="attachment_4387" align="aligncenter" width="334"]block-lesson-8-pdf UPDATE: This lesson has been revised and updated as of August 18th at 10:30 a.m. Revisions were made to the Phoenix block (cutting instructions, step 4, and step 11). The revised version has the word "UPDATED" in the upper right hand corner of page 1 and on the Phoenix block Page 9 so you will know for sure whether you have the new or old copy.[/caption] Have fun with these new techniques and let me know what you think!

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