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Broken and Sad

Last week I posted a Facebook update announcing that I had just received some devastating news in my family. After I posted it I realized I might have scared some of you, because I know I have talked about my many health problems before. So I figured I’d better post soon and let you know that I am alright.

This is in regards to my sister Holly's son, my nephew Brennan. My sister and I have basically the same age children only 6 months apart, we were pregnant at the same time and have cherished parenting at the same tempo together. If you have been around Pile O’ Fabric a while you may remember the Puma Zig-Zag Quilt I made for Brennan back before he was born.

When Holly's son Brennan was about 9 months old doctors began looking into reasons why he might be having a few developmental delays. He is now 14 months old and last week we found out that Brennan has a rare genetic disorder called Tay Sachs. Unfortunately there is no cure for Tay Sachs and it is fatal for 100% of children, usually by age 4.

My heart is broken for my sister, her husband, their older son, and of course Brennan. I can’t even imagine or fathom the hurt they’re feeling. This week I have been holding my children so tightly and just wish it didn't take such a terrible thing to make me more grateful. But, I am so very grateful that my children are currently healthy.

This weekend my sister and her family came to town. I had the wonderful opportunity to do everything I could to help encourage her and give her a little break from worrying. She has been asking me to teach her how to quilt so she could make a quilt for her friend. First we did some serious fabric shopping and then I began teaching her how to quilt. Mr. Brennan thoroughly enjoyed watching us sew from his bouncy chair. I had a wonderful time kissing him and loving him.

I have some plans for support opportunities which I will post about soon. These will help support the Stringer Family for the battle they are embarking on as well as support the Tay Sachs Foundation which is busily working hard trying to find a cure.

Thank you so much for all your comments, thoughts, and prayers. I am very thankful for the love that you all pour upon me, even if I am basically a stranger to you. Having a quilting family is really a blessing!



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