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Where is the pause button?

This entire year has been on fast forward and it is blur. Skill Builder, Quilt Con, launching Aria Lane, Retro Rubies, just one thing after the next on turbo speed. These last few weeks have definitely been the busiest of my life. Right now I have "MOM" syndrome, Maxed Out Mind. I'm not sure I can fit anymore data in my mind. Every new bit of data that my brain processes means one thing that must go, perhaps that is why I am so spacey all the time.

The other day I was looking through my posts and realized I hardly ever talk about what projects I am working on. I work, work, work and then I have these occasional posts (like this one today) where I share a ton of photos all at once of everything I am working on. Maybe one day I will get into the habit of sharing on a weekly basis, perhaps W.I.P Wednesday? But, today you will get a little taste of all the craziness going on inside my head!

Quilt market is approaching and this year I will be attending on behalf of Aria Lane. Over the last few months we have been working on publishing Megan Nichols two new quilt patterns as well as one of my own which will be for sale in a few days. The pattern publishing process is actually quite hectic from testing, sales, distribution, printing, etc.  its no quick task, but I really enjoy the process and am so excited to keep producing more!

I got this crazy idea in my head that I was going to invent my own blouse to wear at Quilt Market. I picked up some Anna Maria Horner voile and I have all the pieces cut out, but at the rate I am going I doubt they will be sewn together in time. If it does turn out to be a success I will be completely shocked, I hardly make clothes let alone invent my own. I will be sure to keep you posted whether it is a flop or not.

Not only have I been sewing to prepare for market, but my husband and I have been working on four client websites which all need to be launched in time for Quilt Market. Gulp. I have been sitting at my computer clicking around so much that I had to buy one of those padded memory foam mouse pads so my hand wouldn’t hurt so bad. I can’t share any photos of the sites yet, but I think they will be awesome!

Tonight I absolutely (hold me to it) have to finish quilting my Modern Block of the Month quilt for Sew Mama Sew. This is a twin size quilt, which believe it or not is the largest quilt I have ever machine quilted. I used a very low loft cotton batting which has reduced the bulk in my machine throat space considerably. But, it still feels massive to me and I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to quilt a King size.

This week I had Skill Builder BOM Block Lesson #10 scheduled, but I have decided to postpone the lesson until next Thursday, October 24th so I can catch up a little. This is the last two Skill Builder blocks. Can you believe it? I am almost a little sad to see it coming to an end. We will be practicing foundation paper piecing again and learning how to piece Y seams!

All I can say is no matter how busy or stressed I am, I am SO very thankful that I get to sew, quilt, design, and code on a regular basis while supporting my family. And most importantly I get to do this at home with my little kiddos, no cubicle. Thank you for always encouraging me.

What have you all been up to? Any fun works in progress? I would love to see! For those of you on Instagram leave a comment with your profile I would love to follow you!




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