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Crossknot & Frames // New Aria Lane Quilt Patterns

Well we pulled it off just in time! Three new patterns Crossknot, Hemispheres and Frames are ready for Quilt Market!

We tried to take these quilting patterns to the next level by offering fun extras. Each of these new patterns includes two alternate color suggestions, a quilt top coloring sheet, pieced quilt top instructions, pieced coordinating backing instructions, and quilting instructions for your own wall hanging, crib, throw, twin, queen, or king size quilt.

Crossknot Quilt Pattern

This simple quilt is great for quilters of all levels and works equally well with solids or prints—the possibilities are endless! In fact for those of you who have been hoarding a large scale print fabric because you don’t want to chop it up, this quilt is perfect! It also works great with fat quarters for the wall, crib, throw, and twin sizes.The quilt comes together super fast. It takes approximately one evening to piece the quilt top and one evening to piece the quilt back.

For the cover quilt I had a hard time deciding whether to quilt clean straight lines or fun free motion quilting. Ultimately, I decided to use free motion quilting. The different elements of the quilt design are perfect for anyone looking to practice free motion quilting. You will walk away having practiced quilting negative space, borders, and 6 different filler quilting designs.

Crossknot Tester Quilts

I want to thank the wonderful testers who put hours into proofing and testing the Crossknot quilt pattern. It is so much fun to see everyone’s own style in the quilt! Thank you ladies!

Nancy Wichtendahl

“Wonderfully modern, simply stated. Side note a fantastic quickie!”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

L. Carolyn Ghearing

“I LOVE it! it appears to be a stained glass window… after putting together the front I hung it in a patio door, of the lower level of our home. My mother sews with me in the studio space and she adores it!”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

Allison Dutton

“Original and modern. I like that you use only solids - it makes it easier to imagine it in other colors or prints and keeps it timeless vs if you used a print that was no longer available.”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

Katie Petross

“The pattern was impressive. The pattern is one I would buy.”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

Marian Vollans

“Love the pattern a must have, the sizing availability is awesome. I wish more pattern makers gave you the option for making different sizes. The size of the colored blocks also gave me the opportunity to use some of my prints.”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

The Crossknot Quilt Pattern in PDF can be purchased now at and the printed version will be available at various quilt shops after November 4th.

Frames Quilt Pattern

Tie any room together with the smooth, clean lines of Frames. Simple yet bold; designed, pieced, and quilted by Megan Nichols. The pattern blocks are based on a classic log cabin construction, which makes this another quick, fun quilt to piece.

\ [caption id="attachment_4619" align="aligncenter" width="337"]frames-quilt-back_sm Frames quilt back by Megan Nichols[/caption]

Frames Tester Quilts

Another big thank you to the ladies who put hours into proofing and testing the Frames quilt pattern.

Brooke Boon

“I was very impressed with the crisp and clean cover design. The bold background color draws the eye in right away.”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

Abby West

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

Cindy Smith

“I thought the pattern was great. Every bit of information was wonderful. A very well thought out pattern and the photo is a complete eye catcher. I felt all questions were answered perfectly.”

[one-half] [/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

Katie Petross

Kay Holm

“simple, clean, like the back, easy”


[/one-half] [one-half last] [/one-half]

The Frames Quilt Pattern in PDF can be purchased now at and the printed version will be available at various quilt shops after November 4th.


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  • Cassie Zemrr says...

    LOVE the crossknot pattern!

    On August 20, 2014

  • barbe price says...

    excellent job, Alyssa. You have a great sense of style, love crossknot

    On August 20, 2014

  • Sarah N says...

    Congrats on the new patterns! Being a pattern tester looks like lots of fun – what great variations they presented. I especially love the Crossknot in red/white/blue (or is it a very pale blue not white?) – just stunning.

    On August 20, 2014

  • Alyssa says...

    Thank You Lisa! I plan to share your Hemispheres next week :) Thanks again for testing!

    On August 20, 2014

  • Lisa McGriff says...

    Great patterns! I really enjoyed seeing all your pattern testers photos. They did a great job! Best wishes at Quilt Market!!!

    On August 20, 2014

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