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FMQ Lesson #10 // Skill Builder BOM

We are on the home stretch. After you complete the quilting of these two blocks you will begin your borders and finishing the quilt with binding strips. I am working ahead a bit and let me tell you when the quilt starts coming together you will squeal with excitement!

Strip Triangle Block

To be quite honest i'm not so happy with how I quilted the Strip Triangle block. It was the last block and I was so anxious to be done that I just quilted the fastest thing I could think of. So I would love to see you get more creative than I did.

However, to quilt your block in the same way:

  • First, carefully stitch in the ditch around the triangle shape.
  • Next, fill the background space with small to medium size stipple quilting.

Starlight Block

For the Starlight block, I used my walking foot to quilt lots of straight lines! To quilt your block in the same way:

  • First, carefully stitch in the ditch around the star shape.
  • Using the seam lines as a guide, fill the background space with straight lines spaced every ¼”. Start on the outside of the block, sew inward, across, and back out (see arrows).
  • I left about a 2” space towards the outside of the block then quilted two additional lines.

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