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FMQ Lesson #10 // Skill Builder BOM

We are on the home stretch. After you complete the quilting of these two blocks you will begin your borders and finishing the quilt with binding strips. I am working ahead a bit and let me tell you when the quilt starts coming together you will squeal with excitement!

Strip Triangle Block

To be quite honest i'm not so happy with how I quilted the Strip Triangle block. It was the last block and I was so anxious to be done that I just quilted the fastest thing I could think of. So I would love to see you get more creative than I did.

However, to quilt your block in the same way:

  • First, carefully stitch in the ditch around the triangle shape.
  • Next, fill the background space with small to medium size stipple quilting.

Starlight Block

For the Starlight block, I used my walking foot to quilt lots of straight lines! To quilt your block in the same way:

  • First, carefully stitch in the ditch around the star shape.
  • Using the seam lines as a guide, fill the background space with straight lines spaced every ¼”. Start on the outside of the block, sew inward, across, and back out (see arrows).
  • I left about a 2” space towards the outside of the block then quilted two additional lines.

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  • barbe says...

    thanks for doing this bom, i have learned sew much. on your video you said you weren’t sure what to quilt on it so just did stippling, i did stippling too but i did it all with angles, no curves just sharp points. so you see you have taught me so much i’m comfortable making suggestions to the teachers lololol

    On November 14, 2014

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