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Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving13I have so many things to be thankful for on this joyful Thanksgiving Day and my prayer is that I may be more thankful.
"Imagine if tomorrow when you woke up you were only left with the things you paid thanks for in the day prior. What would you have left? Perhaps, maybe you wouldn't even have the breath in your lungs. Be thankful!"
Life is flying by faster than I can blink, but no matter how fast it is going we always must stop and take time to be thankful! Today I want to take a second to truly thank the wonderful ladies who help me behind the scenes at Pile O' Fabric by testing, proofing, and cheering me on. I appreciate you!

Thank you…

Allison DuttonAnne Glencer, Charlotte Amaro, Danny HeyenDiane Swett, Deana Doetzl, Denise Mueller, Kathy EgnaczykKathy ThorncraftKay HolmKelli Wilson, Katie Petross, L. Carolyn Ghearing, Margaret Glendening, Monique Belmer, Nanette Donohue, Sarah Meland, Stephanie Daniel. And finally I want to thank all of you sitting here reading this post. Without you there would be no reason for what I do! Happy Thanksgiving,




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