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Cross Stitch Instagram // In the "Studio"

I was thinking the other day about how cool it would be to sit in someones sewing room and watch their process as they work on a project. Outside of Instagram I am notoriously bad at sharing about my works in progress and I thought it would be fun to share what I am up to during the week, but instead of showing you through pictures how about through quick videos! As usual I had to turn this into a blog series and give it a cheesy name, In the "Studio", I don't actually have a sewing studio just a small bedroom turned sewing room, but a girl can dream right? I set up a camera as I worked creating a time lapse style video condensed to under 5 minutes.

Without further ado here is my first In the "Studio" episode… 1-cross-stitch-cover This week I was working on many different things some which I can't share yet, but I worked on the Cross Stitch Instagram quilt quite a bit. I am using the Cross Stitch Quilt Block tutorial from last week. All the blocks are ready to piece together and I suppose I will make a mini quilt.


What are you working on this week In the "Studio"?




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