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Glue Basting Basics // Technique Tutorial Tuesday

It's been a few weeks since I started the "In the Studio" video series and over the past few weeks I have had many readers ask about the glue basting technique I use. Glue basting is a great technique that can really help you achieve accuracy when piecing. Months ago my friend and fabulous quilter Cristy Fincher shared a video tutorial about glue basting here at Pile O' Fabric which you should also check out. Today I decided to re-address this super helpful technique with another short video that I put together for you all. glue-basting-ad-sm

Glue basting is one of those techniques that seems to strike controversy amongst quilters. I often hear comments like, "seems like a big waste of time and materials when you could just use a pin". But, before you write it off completely I urge you to give it a try at least once. Usually those who I have spoke to that just said, "whatever, I will give it a try" ended up absolutely loving it. Right away you will notice a huge improvement in your accuracy and once you have started to build glue basting into your regular quilting routine you will notice that you can actually save time. Accuracy + Saving Time = Fantastic!

The Glue Tips

Update: Since filming this video I have started using new glue tips. The Fineline® Glue Applicator Tips have a stainless steel tip and a wire/cap system to better prevent against clogging when you are not using the glue. The hard lid also protects the tip from bending or breaking making it easy to travel to classes. These tips can be purchased in the Pile O' Fabric shop at  



Alyssa Lichner

Alyssa Lichner

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