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Fabric Giveaway Friday - Custom FQ Bundle

Fabric Giveaway Sponsor

New Brick-N-Mortar Shop!

Pam owner of Mad About Patchwork and long time supporter of Pile O' Fabric has sold beautiful fabrics out of her home in Ontario Canada for six years. I am super excited for her as she has made the decision to open a brick-n-mortar shop! Here are all the details from Pam herself…
April and our six-year anniversary party have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the surprises are over.  It’s May and we’re paving the way for the next six years to come.  So we’ve got news.  BIG news!  You, our wonderful customers, have made Mad About Patchwork such a success that it’s time for us to take the next step and get a place of our own.  In a few weeks, Pam is moving the shop out of her house into a bigger space (don’t worry, it’s only 5 minutes away) and she’s taking Kaisa and Laura with her.  We’ll be offering the same great service, quick shipping and an even better selection of fabric.  Oh, and we’ll have set hours for all of you locals who want to stop by and shop in person.  We’ll be posting the new address and opening date soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and Facebook for more details. What’s that you say?  Sounds fantastic? Well, hold onto your hats, folks, the surprises aren’t over yet.  Laura has plans to open a studio right inside Mad About Patchwork and offer sewing, quilting and art classes of all kinds.  Yes, that’s right – a studio space where you can shop and make — a place where you can meet and learn alongside other quilters, sewists and artists, right in the middle of Pam’s beautiful fabric! (Is that a fabric addict’s dream or what?) Wanna help make those plans a reality?  Check out the Kickstarter campaign we’ve got going.  We’d love your help and support to make the studio come to life and give you all a space and place to sew.  For each amount funded, there’s a nifty handmade reward.  Can’t help with the funding?  Help spread the news of the campaign and share the love.

Spring Sale!

In light of the upcoming move Mad About Patchwork is having a Spring Blowout Sale - coupon SPRING25 for 25% off everything in the sale section: Good thru June 2. I spotted some wonderful fabrics on sale Dowry, Botanics, Acacia and more!

Giveaway Prize

how-does-your-garden-grow29951131This week Mad About Patchwork is giving away a custom curated bundle by Laura at Waffle Kisses called How Does Your Garden Grow? to one lucky Pile O' Fabric reader. This bundle includes the following 9 fat quarters:
  • Sidewalks Small Floral in Cream
  • Architextures Cross Hatch in Curry
  • True Colors Picnic Daisy in Dove
  • Sidewalks Starburst in Teal
  • Meadow Florascape Marigold
  • Florence Four Dots in Carnelian
  • Meadow Sprinkled Morning
  • True Colors Herringbone in Yellow
  • Meadow Leas Bloom Clearwater
Laura puts together a different curated bundle every week and they feature it at 20% off, which means you can get How Does Your Garden Grow? now for 20% off!

Enter To Win!

Here’s how, using the Rafflecopter Widget below follow the steps. First step is to visit Mad About Patchwork and tell me which top three fabrics in the Mad About Patchwork sale bin are your favorite.

*NOTE – If your comment doesn’t show up immediately there is no need to re-comment. On giveaway days my commenting system thinks I am getting spammed with the mass amount of comments in a short time, so it sends some comments to moderation automatically. Your comment will show as soon as I can go through all the comments and approve them.

For Bonus Entries

  • Easy entry for Mad About Patchwork Facebook Fans
  • Easy entry for Mad About Patchwork Bloglovin' Followers
  • Easy entry for all Pile O’ Fabric Instagram Followers
  • Easy entry for Pile O’ Fabric Facebook Followers

This giveaway will end Wednesday, May 21st, at 12 a.m! EST. Mr. Random will choose one winner and I will announce their name by the following Friday on Facebook and Twitter and I will email the winner directly. * Note * This giveaway is open to anyone near or far.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Connect with Mad About Patchwork

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Have a great weekend!


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  • Brenda Hulsey says...

    Flea Market Fancy: Bouquet Grey, Gypsy Caravan: Velvet Vine in Stainless and Gypsy Caravan: Wild Poppy in Milk. Great looking fabrics!

    On August 21, 2014

  • SarahAnne (sash) Hazlewood says...

    That would be Acacia – Acacia – Acacia (all of them). LOVE that line.

    On August 21, 2014

  • JoNell says...

    Sketch Spring, Minimalista Prisma Noir, Botanics Branches in Ash

    On August 21, 2014

  • Mary Helene says...

    My three favorite 1. Acacia Quills Pomegranate 2. Charley Harper octoberama blue. 3. Pirouette French damask mocha.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Sarah says...

    Gypsy Caravan Cutting Garden in Linen, Fortiney Vintage Motif Chocolate, and Bijou Bhemian Charms Cream, but really, those are just a small sampling, the fabrics are all so lovely! Thank you for the giveaway!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Susan K in Texas says...

    I like Charley Harper Blank Swallow in Blue, Charley Harper Red Eye Vireo and Botanics Branches in Ash

    On August 21, 2014

  • Erin Marie says...

    Thesaurus Letter Jam, Acacia Butterfly Wings, and Flea Market Fancy Bouquet.

    On August 21, 2014

  • kay says...

    Sale fabric faves: Flea Market Fancy Medallion Green, FMF Medallion Red, and Notting Hill Hexagons Canary.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lani says...

    I love Minds’s Eye in Toasted and Tambourine and also Floral Couture in Mandarin All beautiful fabrics in my favorite turquoise and coral

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lori Smanski says...

    what pretty fabrics on sale, thanks for the heads up. I am really loving: 1) Thesaurus: Fly Blue 2) Love: Tumble Roses in Tangerine 3) Love: Bliss Bouquet in Emerald

    On August 21, 2014

  • Donna W says...

    Chicopee – Bleeding Red Hearts, Gypsy Caravan – Velvet Vine in Stainless, Gypsy Caravan – Wind Flowers in Stainless

    On August 21, 2014

  • Michele says...

    All the Hand Drawn Garden fabrics are gorgeous!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Gill says...

    Charley Harper – Bank swallow blue
    Chicopee – Circle cross red
    Florence – Four dots malachite

    On August 21, 2014

  • Sandy K says...

    My favs are My Sunshine: Floral Blue, Florence: Four Dots Malachite, Botanics: Branches in Ash

    On August 21, 2014

  • Vicki H says...

    I like Acacia: Hummingbird Sunset, Perrymint: Flower in Pink, Nordika: Wildflowers Blaze

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lisa Marie says...

    Charley Harper: Octoberama Blue
    Hothouse Flowers: Seeds Hot Pink
    Botanics: Foliage in Charcoal Metallic

    On August 21, 2014

  • Diana Nelson says...

    I like all of Charlie Harper line. His fabrics always make me smile.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Jon says...

    Chicopee: Voltage Red Dot, Bleeding Heart Red, Cross Square Red

    On August 21, 2014

  • Karen Ann says...

    I adore several of the lines, but I’m particularly smitten with Botanics – Branches in Ash, Foilage in charcoal metallic and graph paper.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Regina D. says...

    Love all of the Briar Rose line! There is just something about Calicos! And love the Basic shades Flamingo and Grapes!

    On August 21, 2014

  • barbe says...

    only 3??? considering about a 1/4 of them are already in my cart. lolol put it this way, all of the AMH prints :D

    On August 21, 2014

  • Delaine says...

    Gypsy Caravan – Wild Poppy in Milk
    Flea Market Fancy – Bouquet Grey
    Doodle Damask in Grey


    On August 21, 2014

  • Patsy Pirnat says...

    My favorite 3 are :
    Minimalista : Prisma Noir, Enchant : Birds in Pink, and Crayon Stripe Black

    On August 21, 2014

  • Susan says...

    Sketch Spring,
    Sketch White/Black
    Botanics: Branches in Ash

    On August 21, 2014

  • Karen says...

    hard to choose 3, all of Charlie Harper, Voltage red dot and branches in ash are all neat

    On August 21, 2014

  • Cindi Alexander says...

    My three favorites are: Charley Harper: Bank Swallow Blue, Basic Shades: Aqua Marine, and Charley Harper: Octoberama Blue

    On August 21, 2014

  • Kristen says...

    I loved the field study line. Very pretty and only $8 a yard!! Their website interface is very user friendly and they have tons of beautiful fabrics to choose from. Y’all have created a new shopper monster. Lol!
    Thanks for the chance to win! The fabrics in the drawing are gorgeous

    On August 21, 2014

  • Cindy Gay says...

    Hi My three favorite are Botanics Grey Abbey, Helen’s Garden. Thanks,

    On August 21, 2014

  • Renee says...

    Anything Tula Pink!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Marie says...

    The botanic collection fabrics

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lori says...

    I love the Briar Rose collection, the colors and prints are beautiful….

    On August 21, 2014

  • Anita says...

    My top three fabrics are: Acacia butterfly wings, Botanics graph paper in garden blue and Field study fine feather in Jade. Thank you!

    On August 21, 2014

  • diane says...

    Bijioux: Divine Gypsy Rosewood,
    Cameo: Josephine’s Bouquet in Ink
    Dowry: Twill Bouquet in Evergreen

    On August 21, 2014

  • Kathie L says...

    I like Flea Market Fancy Bouquet Grey, medallion red and Posie Grey. Lovely fabric store.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Kelly Wilson says...

    I love the Charley Harper fabrics: Bank Swallow Blue, Feeding Station & Octoberama Blue. Thanks! notwendy at gmail dot com

    On August 21, 2014

  • Alexis says...

    I love all the charley Harper and botanics….much deliberation will ensue to decide which, exactly I need!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Dana says...

    My 3 top favorites are:
    Sidewalks Flannel: Main Cream, Doodle Damask in Gray, Enchant: Birds in Pink

    On August 21, 2014

  • Grace says...

    I like the Exotic Stripe Purple, and the Chicopee: Shirt Stripe Red. And anything Moda! :D

    On August 21, 2014

  • Linda Rumsey says...

    I love the Charley Harper designs: Bank Swallow Blue, Feeding Station and red Eye Vireo.

    On August 21, 2014

  • dianna eickhorn says...

    My favs are all Bijoux……Caravan’s Light Sunset, Dancing Harvest Guava and Dream Catcher Fushia! Beautiful! What a great giveaway!

    On August 21, 2014

  • CindyM says...

    I’d enjoy some PerryMint Bundles, Some Gypsy Caravan, Hot House Flowers, and must have a Basic Shades Bundle. Yummy stuff. Thanks for the Giveaway. Good luck with the new space. Too far away from my house, but I’ll be there in Spirit. LOL. Good luck everyone.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Penny says...

    My 3 favorites in their sale bin are: Bijoux: Bohemian Charms Cream, Perrymint: Criss Cross in Green, and Thesaurus: Tri Blue. Probably don’t go together but I’m sure I’d find a use for them.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Tina says...

    I really like the Botanics: Foliage in Charcoal Metallic, Charley Harper: Octoberama Blue and Enchant: Birds in Pink.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lucy @ charmaboutyou says...

    I love the Botanics, Chicopee and Field Study!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Heidi says...

    Acacia: Hummingbird Sunset, Belle: Chyrsanthemum Olive, Florence: Four Dots Malachite

    On August 21, 2014

  • Colleen says...

    I love Charlie Harper Feeding Station, Flea Market Fancy Posie Grey, and Lark Charisma in Midnight. So many to choose from.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Afton Warrick says...

    Enchant Birds, Acacia Hummingbirds, Botanics Branches

    On August 21, 2014

  • Joyce Mitchell says...

    My 3 favorites are: Gypsy Caravan Velvet Vine in Stainless, Gypsy Caravan Wind Flower in Stainless & Gypsy Caravan Wild Poppy in Mink. Thanks.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Becky M says...

    Botanics in Scratch
    Botanics hand drawn stripes
    Botanics Graph paper garden

    On August 21, 2014

  • sharon says...

    I like
    botanics hand drawn stripes—fern
    pirouette - french damask mocha
    locally grown heirlooms tomatoes --both colors

    On August 21, 2014

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