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Quick Quilting Tips and Tricks // Blog Hop

Amy at a Diary of a Quilter hosted a fantastic blog hop a few weeks ago called Quick Quilting Tips and Tricks. She was promoting her wonderful new book Fabulously Fast Quilts that you must check out! The information in this blog hop was invaluable, here is a Pinterest board full of the tricks and tips. Amy decided to keep the blog hop going and today is my day to share a great quilting tip with you all. I think one of the most important tips I can share with you is… Stabilize and Conquer! I strongly feel that stabilizing the fibers in your fabric before and during the sewing process, using techniques such as starching and glue basting can lead to greater success and less headache. Today I want to share two oldie but goodie video tutorials that I have done that I feel can really change your quilting process for the better!

Starching Your Fabric

Just want to make one note, since recording this video on starching I have switched to using Faultless Heavy Starch which seems to give me better results and is way cheaper!

Glue Basting

So what are some quilting tips and tricks you find are crucial to the quilting process? I would love to hear! Be sure and visit the other stops on the tour for more tips and tricks, and congratulate Amy on her new book! Image




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