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Fabric Giveaway Friday - Cotton and Steel at Fat Quarter Shop

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fqs-238 The Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly. An avid quilter, Kimberly began her shop as a side business while still working a corporate position, cutting, packing and shipping right out of her house during evenings and weekends. From the very beginning, she was committed to delivering top-notch service for every single order and customer. As the Fat Quarter Shop’s reputation grew, Kimberly decided to make it a full-time operation. Her husband Kevin joined her not long after, and with his help, lots of hard work, and a tireless commitment, the store began to grow. Over the past few years a few more people have joined the staff!

New at Fat Quarter Shop


Chameleon Quilt Pattern

Create a quick and easy ombre quilt that is modern with a touch of pretty! Quilt kit includes the Chameleon Quilt Pattern Cotton + Steel Basics fabric for the 54.5" x 64.5" quilt top and binding. A backing set is available separately.

Fabric Giveaway Prize

cs-fqb-splash-900This week Fat Quarter Shop is giving away a Splash Cotton + Steel Basics Fat Quarter Bundle which includes 10 fat quarters to one lucky Pile O' Fabric reader.

Enter to Win!

Here’s how, using the Rafflecopter Widget below follow the steps. First step is to tell me who your favorite fabric manufacturer is and what brand solids fabric is your favorite. *NOTE – If your comment doesn’t show up immediately there is not need to re-comment. On giveaway days my commenting system thinks I am getting spammed with the mass amount of comments in a short time, so it sends some comments to moderation automatically. Your comment will show as soon as I can go through all the comments and approve them.

For Bonus Entries

This giveaway will end Wednesday, July 31st, at 12 a.m. EST. Mr. Random will choose one winner and I will announce their name by the following Friday on Facebook and Twitter and I will email the winner directly. * Note * This giveaway is open to anyone near or far. If you’re a “no reply” or an anonymous commenter, remember to include your email address in your comment so that if you win I can contact you! a Rafflecopter giveawayHave a wonderful weekend!

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  • Debbie M. says...

    Oh I have several manufacturers that I love, but to pick one it would have to be Moda. My fav solids are hands down Robert Kaufman.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lindsey Sanders says...

    I love Moda. And my fave solids are from Kona. Thanks for the giveaway!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Brie says...

    Art Gallery for sure!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Holly Hughes says...

    I’m loving art gallery right now, and for solids I like a mix of Kona and Bella solids!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Beth C. says...

    I meant to say my favorite manufacture is Michael Miller, and my favorite solids is Kona from Robert Kaufman.

    On August 21, 2014

  • JudyBL says...

    Love Moda fabric/designers and for solids either Moda or Kona.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Beth C. says...

    My favorite manufacture on the Fat quarter shop is Michael fabric. My favorite brand of solids is Robert Kaufman Kona solids. I love that there are more colors coming out!!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Cheri says...

    Riley Blake and Kona.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Gina says...

    Moda and Kona cotton are my faves!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Grace says...

    I love art gallery fabrics..and Michael Miller cotton couture is lovely

    On August 21, 2014

  • Maxine says...

    I don’t know manufacturer from designers.. it’s all so confusing. But I do like Riley Blake or Moda Fabrics. Michael miller is another favorite. I like them all. But solids, gotta go with Robert Kaufman.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Bethany Martini says...

    Moda and Kona Cotton are my favorite!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Barbara says...

    I <3 Kona solids!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Dee D says...

    I have several favorites- Moda, RJR and Henry Glass.

    On August 21, 2014

  • pam says...

    Love Kaufman solids

    On August 21, 2014

  • Cornelia Pramendorfer says...

    I totally love Cotton & Steel and my fav solids are by Robert Kaufmann

    On August 21, 2014

  • Marti says...

    Free Spirit is my favorite manufacturer and Kona are my favorite solids.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Paula says...

    Kona solids, and Riley Blake.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Sarah C. says...

    Westminster can not get enough and Kona solids are the best.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Vickie says...

    I love Kona solids. That’s really all I buy for solids. Otherwise I don’t have a favorite manufacturer. Whatever strikes my fancy is what I like.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Kelly says...

    Well I don’t really have a favorite. I like Kona solids. Does liberty of London count I really like some of their stuff!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Juliet H says...

    I actually like timeless treasures and AMB for solids!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Fonda says...

    Ok if I have to choose it would be westministerfibers. Kona cottons would be my go to solids. I tend to buy based more on the designer than manufacturer.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Hayley Dee says...

    Moda fabrics (Kansas Triuble) and Kona solids. My favorites. I am a new quilter so don’t have much experience, but this is what I’ve found so far.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Ramona says...

    I love Art Gallery and solids from Robert Kaufman.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Kristin says...

    I think my favorite manufacturer at the moment is Art Gallery. I’ve been buying a ton of their lines lately, and their solids are definitely my favorite!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Briana R says...

    I like moda and kaufman solids.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Sonya M says...

    Moda prints and Kona solids. Thanks for the giveaway!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Taya@TypeB says...

    I think my favorite manufacturer is Robert Kaufman. I love Carolyn Friedlander prints and definitely love me some Kona cottons!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lyn Kaufmann says...

    My favorite manufacture is probably Moda and my fav solids so far have been Kona but really want to try American Brand.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Michelle M says...

    It’s difficult to pick just one fabric manufactuer, there are so many wonderful ones out there. I guess I would probably have to choose Moda, seem to be mostly drawn to their fabrics and I love Clothworks solids.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Reagan says...

    I love a lot of the lines Moda has made. I probably rely on Kona solids the most.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Lisa Rollins says...

    Fave manufacturers are FreeSpirit and Michael Miller. Go-to for solids is Kona Cotton. :)

    On August 21, 2014

  • Claudia TN says...

    I love Art Gallery fabrics and am looking forward to trying their solids.

    On August 21, 2014

  • pkmegs says...

    For solids it would have to be Robert Kaufman, prints Art Gallery, Michael Miller and Moda.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Judi Duncan says...

    Don’t really know manufacturers too much, but I like Camelots super hero line and of course Kona for solids

    On August 21, 2014

  • Janet T says...

    I love Moda fabrics, and Bella Solids is my favorite right now!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Mystica says...

    Manufacturer would be Moda. Solids would be Kona.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Adrienne says...

    I would have 5 say Robert Kauffman and Kona

    On August 21, 2014

  • Jen says...

    My favourite fabric manufacturer is Free Spirit. My favourite brand of solids is Kona. Thanks for the giveaway!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Karen G says...

    I have to pick Moda for fabric lines and solids, but do use lots of Kona and other solids, and plenty of fabric from Dear Stella, Free Spirit, etc.

    On August 21, 2014

  • mary says...

    I love Riley Blake fabrics and my favourite solids have to be Kona

    On August 21, 2014

  • Monique B says...

    Moda Prints. Solids are tough as I have not yet used many. Still building a stash and solids have not yet been my focus. Thanks for the chance!

    On August 21, 2014

  • ivy gabbard says...

    i would love to win cotton an steel fabric

    On August 21, 2014

  • Michelle Olsen Sasak says...

    My favorite manufacturer is Moda and my favorite solids are Kona.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Elizabeth says...

    My favorite manufacturer is Robert Kaufman, most of what I gravitate to is printed by them. Solids = Kona!

    On August 21, 2014

  • Karen says...

    I love Kona cotton solids – Kaufman I believe makes them

    On August 21, 2014

  • lynda h says...

    my favorite brand is Northcott and Dear Stella – and I am impressed with the newest American Brand Solids – just may switch from Kona

    On August 21, 2014

  • Stacy Peart says...

    Moonlight Manor Deb Strain and Pure Elements Solids Art Gallery Fabrics.

    On August 21, 2014

  • Jill Trentacost says...

    I love Moda pre cuts and I use Kona Cotton solids!

    On August 21, 2014

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