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Teaching Quilting to All Ages

For the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of teaching a Beginner Modern Quilting class at my local quilt shop here in Arizona. The class is three weeks long, however I wish it was more like 4 or 5 weeks. I am really digging deep into the important foundational aspects of quilting. 2014-07-17 20.00.55The first week we went over the different tools used for quilting, the quilting lingo, the elements of fabric, choosing fabrics, working with color schemes, fabric preparation, and how to properly, safely cut fabrics. 2014-07-17 20.27.55The second week we went over how to set up our machine for proper piecing, seam allowance, piecing our quilt top, quilt backings, and then I demonstrated how to thread baste a quilt. Coming up this week I will be teaching the students how to machine quilt, bind, and tag their quilts. I cannot express how much I enjoy teaching, especially teaching beginner quilters. My daughter who just turned 5 years old kept asking me to teach her how to quilt too, so this weekend we got out her mini Janome and a mini charm pack. A few years ago we made a doll quilt together but I had to do most of the work while she sat in my lap. This time she is doing almost everything on her own. I even taught her to glue baste her squares together, which makes it even easier for a child to learn to quilt because when they go to sew the pieces together there are no sharp pins and they don't have to worry about anything shifting. I just kept a close eye on her while she ironed and she was doing great! 2014-07-27 17.49.01Here we are both sewing together, a mothers dream come true! gwenny-mommyAnd then here we are again after she got frustrated over her seam allowance. :) She has just come to an age where starting to learn what practicing means, so I keep encouraging her that the more she practices the better she will get. Mommy's seam allowance was all over the place when I started! gwenny-mommy2I truly love how quilting can bring strangers and family together!


Jacob Lichner

Jacob Lichner

Creator of Pile O' Fabric


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