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Fabric Giveaway Friday - Kona Essentials Bundle

This week I wanted to start off the new Fabric Giveaway Friday (which will be giveaways from my shop from now on) with a bang! This weeks prize is the Pile O' Fabric Kona Essentials Bundle of 40 Fat Quarters.

With now over 300 colors in their line up, choosing which Kona Cotton colors to use as the essentials in your solid stash can be quite difficult. After much deliberation I have narrowed the choices to my top 40 colors and those are what I am starting off carrying in the shop. I feel this bundle has a good range of colors and will really help build your stash!

Bundle Includes

40 essential colors of Kona Cotton Solids:

Ice Frappe, Azure, Aloe, Breakers, Cyan, Teal Blue, Nautical, Sunflower, Curry, Banana, Pomegranate, Salmon, Primrose, Punch, Red, Kumquat, Cedar, Tangerine, Coral, Hibiscus, Berry, Cerise, Crimson, Brt. Peri, Crocus, Lilac, Peapod, Chartreuse, Spruce, Bonsai, Snow, White, Putty, Coal, Charcoal, Black, Pewter, Ash, Silver, and Stone.

Anytime you purchase a solid fabric from Pile O' Fabric we will stick a label on it that will tell you what color it is, this makes it easy to plan and re-order! 

Labor Day Weekend Sale!

The Kona Essentials Bundle in Fat Quarters or Half Yards is on sale this weekend only (limited quantities available). You can also purchase these colors by the yard at our Kona Cotton Collection page.

Enter the Giveaway

Please log all of your entries in the Rafflecopter widget below to properly be entered into the giveaway. This giveaway will end next Friday, September 5th, at 12 a.m. EST. Mr. Random will choose one winner and I will announce their name by the following Friday in the shop newsletter and I will email the winner directly.

To enter the giveaway you must:

For extra giveaway entires you may:

* Note * This giveaway is open to international participants, however if an international participant wins they will receive a $30 store credit instead of the bundle. If you’re a “no reply” or an anonymous commenter, remember to include your email address in your comment so that if you win I can contact you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


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  • Francine says...

    Watermelon and azalea

    On September 05, 2014

  • Jenn says...

    Kona Fog and Kona Jade! I also have a big crush on sunflower at the moment.

    On September 05, 2014

  • Lacey says...

    Aqua and bright pink!!

    On September 05, 2014

  • Angie says...

    Oooh! What a fun giveaway! I love greens and blues, so I think Parrot and Ocean would be lovely additions!

    On September 05, 2014

  • Cassandra Martinez says...

    Watermelon and Titanium!! Thanks for the opportunity this is a great giveaway!!

    On September 05, 2014

  • Laura Phipps says...

    Navy blue and hot pink!

    On September 05, 2014

  • leanne says...

    my suggestions would be azalea (my all time fav) and one of the new colours cabbage – its such a lovely green ! thanks

    On September 05, 2014

  • Melissa Quinn says...

    Bright pink. Love those pink

    On September 05, 2014

  • Diana Z says...

    Bordeaux and Titanium

    On September 05, 2014

  • Jennifer says...

    Grasshopper and nectarine!

    On September 05, 2014

  • Kerri says...

    Sangria and watermelon!

    On September 05, 2014

  • Bethanie says...

    Watermelon and cactus :)

    On September 05, 2014

  • amyjoquilts says...

    Grasshopper and heliotrophe

    On September 05, 2014

  • kate says...

    grasshopper and watermelon!

    On September 05, 2014

  • Lyn says...

    Coffee and Sable (or coffee and a much lighter cafe-au-lait sort of color)?

    On September 04, 2014

  • Carolyn says...

    Possibly a very dark brown and a medium brown

    On September 04, 2014

  • Cheryl says...

    How about oyster and carrot? You’ve got my two favorites already: peapod and cerise.

    On September 04, 2014

  • Carrie says...

    Sable and Chinese Red – strong basics.

    On September 04, 2014

  • Molly K says...

    Cactus and Wasabi

    On September 04, 2014

  • Karen Propes says...

    I love the Geranium and Dahlia, I think they would blend nicely with a project with purples. Thanks for the chance.

    On September 04, 2014

  • melissa says...

    I think it’s good to have an variety of greys plus some odd shades of green.

    On September 03, 2014

  • Snow Wildsmith says...

    I suggest Creamsicle and Heliotrope, because they are pretty colors and because the names are fun to say!

    On September 03, 2014

  • Jessica says...

    I’d love to add Mediterranean and Sangria.

    On September 02, 2014

  • Rachel @ Quiltineering says...


    On September 02, 2014

  • Cheryl B. says...

    I would suggest Fog and Pepper, both excellent colors

    On September 02, 2014

  • Cheri Barker says...

    Jaybird Blue

    On September 02, 2014

  • Lee Ann L. says...

    Sunflower and tangerine? Thank you for a chance to win!

    On September 02, 2014

  • Ruth Stark says...

    I was blown away to discover that there 303 colors in this collection! Wowzer! I would pick “Jamaica” & “Yarrow”.

    On September 02, 2014

  • Lauren says...

    Sunflower and wasabi!

    On September 02, 2014

  • karrie says...

    I’m thinking more pastels like creamsickle, goldfish, cabbage, grasshopper, titanium, watermelon and tangerine. (i put extra before I saw the list of what was included).

    I would literally faint if I won these!!! Thanks for the chance!

    On September 02, 2014

  • ellen says...

    I like lipstick and water!

    On September 02, 2014

  • Pam from CA says...

    Sunflower and Cyan

    On September 01, 2014

  • Natalie F says...

    I like sweet pea and berry. SO many pretty colors though!

    On September 01, 2014

  • Patty says...

    There are so many colors of red, but I’d like to see more. I found a quilt I would love to make and it takes lots of reds from the darkest red into dark pinks.

    On September 01, 2014

  • Jenny W H says...

    Jamaica and wasabi

    On September 01, 2014

  • Rejeanne Santoro says...

    Chartreuse and Crocus

    On September 01, 2014

  • Diane says...

    You have selected a beautiful array of colors. If I were to choose 2 more colors for you, I would select Honeydew and Niagara!

    On September 01, 2014

  • Amanda says...

    Wasabi and berry

    On September 01, 2014

  • Ramona says...

    I like carrot and azalea.

    On September 01, 2014

  • Charlotte says...

    Great blues and purples. What a beautiful quilt I could make with all those colors.

    On September 01, 2014

  • Julie says...

    Malibu and Cabbage

    On September 01, 2014

  • Cathryn says...

    Jamaica or Malibu – love those blues!

    On September 01, 2014

  • Arianna says...

    I really like both grellow and ultramarine.

    On September 01, 2014

  • Jess says...

    I like jewel tones (deep purples, blues and blue-y greens and reds), so maybe ones like Sangria, Bordeaux, Nightfall, Glacier .

    On September 01, 2014

  • Leslie M says...

    I’m digging green right now so I’d have to go with kiwi and grasshopper

    On September 01, 2014

  • donna adams says...

    Kona solids are my absolute favorite fabrics! I love glacier and sprout…but you chose great colors always. That bundle is a thing of beauty. Looking at it makes me sigh with satisfaction! Thanks for giving us all a chance to win it!

    On September 01, 2014

  • Jessica P. says...

    I really like K001-200 POND. Very nice selection.

    On September 01, 2014

  • L says...

    Oyster and Bleach White

    On September 01, 2014

  • Kathy says...

    Terra Cotta and Blue Jay

    On September 01, 2014

  • Regina D. says...

    You have a great assortment! Clover and champagne would make nice additions.

    On September 01, 2014

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