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Lotus Blossom Bias Applique Tutorial

Today I am excited to share a really fun bias applique tutorial with you. The technique may look scary or intimidating, but with the right tools its actually not too difficult. My hope is this tutorial will give you a little boost to give bias applique a try, you could even even submit your own project to the Panasonic Quilt Challenge by the MQG and have a chance to win a prize! Okay, lets get started…

You Will Need

In order to make one 18.5" x 18.5" Lotus Blossom quilt block you will need the following:

The Video Guide

Before you go through the picture tutorial I suggest watching the video, which I think will help clarify the process for you.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: 

Starch all your chosen fabrics before you cut them. This will make it much easier to manage when you machine quilt the block later. 

Step 2: 

Trace the Petal Template onto the paper side of the freezer paper.

Step 3: 

Roughly cut the petal shape out of the freezer paper. Iron the waxy side of the paper to the right side of (1) of the 5.25" x 7.5" fabrics. Stack that piece on top of your other 5.25" x 7.5" fabrics and carefully, with a rotary cutter or scissors, cut the petals out.

Step 4:

Using the video as a guide, piece and tape together all (6) 8.5" x 11" Lotus Bias Template pages.


    Step 5: 

    Tape the Lotus Bias Template down to your work surface so it doesn't move. Lay a Clover Design Sheet on top of the template and also tape it in place. 

    Step 6: 

    To create a petal, iron the fusible bias to the Clover Design Sheet "tracing" the template underneath. When you reach the tip of the petal, you will need to create a miter and then heat set the miter flat. When you reach the place where you started the petal overlap the two ends about a 1/2", trim the bias and tuck the end under the backside of the petal and press.

    Step 7: 

    The key to this design is that you create one petal at a time, working clock-wise, overlapping each petal as you go.

    Step 8: 

    Keep working petal by petal around the template until you reach the last petal. The last petal should be woven under the first petal before you heat set it. Gently remove the tape holding the Clover Design Sheet down and set the Lotus to the side.

      Step 9:

      Fold the 19" x 19" background fabric into four to find the center and finger press the crease.

      Step 10: 

      Lay the background centered over the Lotus template and tape or pin the fabric into place so it cannot move.

      Step 11: 

      First decide the order of your petals, then place a thin line of Elmer's Washable School glue along the edges of the back side of half of the first petal. Flip the petal over and heat set the glue with a dry, hot iron. (Note: We are only glueing half of the first petal so we can tuck the last petal under it later.)

      Step 12:

      Move onto the second petal, but this time glue the whole petal into place. Working clock-wise continue glueing the petals into place overlapping them as you go. 

        Step 13: 

        When you reach the last petal, tuck it under the first petal and glue both the first and last into place.

        Step 14: 

        Grab the Lotus and gently peel the Clover Design Sheet off of the backside.

        Step 15:

        Very, very carefully flip the Lotus over so the fusible side is down.

        Step 16: 

        At first the Lotus might not line up perfectly with the petals below it, that is okay. Line up one Lotus petal at a time and heat set it with a very hot iron. Make minor tweaks to the shape of the bias along the way to get the bias to completely cover the petals below. Do this until the entire Lotus is fused into place.

          Step 17 (optional): 

          At this point you could continue making more blocks for an entire quilt or to create a single mini quilt piece together (10) 5" x 11.5" fabrics to create a 22.5" x 23" backing.

          Step 18: 

          Baste your finished block (or quilt) with your preferred method.

          Step 19: 

          Using black thread in the top and bobbin of your machine, stitch along the outside edge of the bias. Go slowly and lift your presser foot as you turn. 

          Step 20: 

          After the outside edge of the petal is sewn down, stitch along the inside edge of the bias. Repeat this process for all of the petals.


          Now finish quilting the rest of the block (or quilt) with your preferred design and bind! If you made the mini quilt it should finish at 18.5" x 18.5".


            Pass it Along

            Did you enjoy this tutorial? I would love it if you'd pin it or pass it along. If you have any questions about the process or tutorial please don't hesitate to contact me


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            • Shawna Garcia says...

              You got my attention i have all the supplies except pattern

              On February 12, 2015

            • Marisol Vallespín says...

              Muchas gracias por el tutorial, me parece estupendo y muy agradable de hacer.

              On January 09, 2015

            • Rebecca Pharr says...

              Did I miss a copy of the lotus leaf? I would love a copy please.

              On December 17, 2014

            • violette 23 says...

              Bravo, super tuto, bien expliqué,, merci de vos conseils,un très beau coussin n’est-ce pas ?A plus violette23

              On October 07, 2014

            • Lynne says...

              Fabulous tute, directions etc. I am ready to sew. Can just see this in spring colors, Christmas colors, oh such fun.

              thank you

              On October 05, 2014

            • Karen says...

              This is amazing. Must get myself the Clover Design Sheets. Never seen that before. I LOVE what you have done. Thank you so much for sharing.

              On September 22, 2014

            • Jennifer says...

              Gorgeous!! I am going to try this for a pillow swap I am doing :)

              On September 19, 2014

            • Anne says...

              This is truly beautiful and I will definatly give it a try your tutorial will be a great help quilty hugs

              On September 08, 2014

            • Linda H. says...

              Very nicely done! I’ve used bias tape many times, most often making my own on the ironing board using straight pins to create a guide for the bias fabric. I’m aiming to enter the challenge! I think your post will inspire others to do the same.

              On September 05, 2014

            • Jo says...

              Fabulous tutorial. Mesmerizing!

              On September 05, 2014

            • Marlyn says...

              If I make my own bias tape, what’s the best method to get it in the Lotus Blossom Petal shapes? Do I use the washable glue?

              On September 05, 2014

            • Elizabeth Johnson says...

              This is amazing! You did such a beautiful job! I think I might just like to try this one! As always great job!

              On September 04, 2014

            • KimberJ says...

              You really have my attention (you usually do)! This is gorgeous and I have to try it. Really bold and graphic, I love it. Your tutorials are the best :)

              On September 04, 2014

            • Allison says...

              This is awesome, Alyssa! Thanks for giving ideas for that challenge.

              On September 04, 2014

            • Christy says...

              I am really excited to give this one a try. Thanks for the tutorial. I would love the templates as well.

              On September 04, 2014

            • LJ says...

              Hi, Alyssa. I love this tutorial and think the project is spectacular!! I’m already thinking about what fabrics I might want to use. I watched the video and it totally ‘got me’! (BTW, your videos are such fun to watch. They go fast but are so well done and very instructional.) I do have a problem though. When I click on the link in the supply list that’s supposed to be the templates, it goes to a page where the “Clover Bias Design Sheets” are being sold. Can you give me the link for the actual templates? Sure do appreciate you and your quilting.

              On September 04, 2014

            • Rachel @ Quiltineering says...

              Awesome tutorial! I’ve never used bias strips that way but I’m anxious to give it a shot :)

              On September 04, 2014

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