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Beautiful and Fast Longarm Quilting!

One of my favorite steps of the process of making a quilt is definitely machine quilting or free motion quilting. However, these days I am lucky if I have time to piece a quilt let alone machine quilt one. When I was working on the Raceway Quilt I was on a really tight deadline and knew it was time for me to find a professional longarm quilter to team up with. That is when I found Sarah Wilson from Crinkle Love.

Raceway QuiltRaceway Quilt Front

Sarah uses a Gammill Statler Stitcher for all her quilting. Sarah does primarily computerized quilting in all over designs and in some cases custom computerized quilting like she did on the Raceway Quilt. Sarah learned longarm quilting on a computerized machine two years before she decided to buy a machine of her own. She took to it very quickly and saw the endless things you can do with it. When she started her longarm quilting business, a fast turnaround time and quality work was very important to her. She offers pantograph quilting with a 3-5 day turnaround and an average of 2 weeks for custom quilting.

Being a quilter myself I was really nervous to have someone else quilt my quilt, but Sarah really listened to my likes and concerns. The Raceway quilt turned out so beautiful thanks to her quilting, I could not be more happy!!

Raceway QuiltRaceway Quilt Back

Here's how it works

Sending a quilt to Sarah is easy, fast and just as I was I know you will be very pleased with the experience. Here's how it works:

  1. Pick a quilting design you like (click here to see available designs).
  2. Submit a Quilting Request Form (click here to go to the form).
  3. Prepare your quilt top (click here for instructions).
  4. Mail your project - Include the quilt top, backing, and batting (if using your own) to the address provided.

For pricing and other questions about the process, you can visit her FAQ's.

Her Portfolio

Here are some of my favorites from her portfolio of work…

Crinkle Love Quilting Crinkle Love Quilting Crinkle Love Quilting Crinkle Love Quilting 

You can see more of her work on her website and her Instagram profile

If you have quilt tops laying around then give Sarah a try and get them quilts finished! I think you will find it a complete pleasure to work with her! 


Alyssa Lichner

Alyssa Lichner

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