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The Backlog! We all have them…

Sometimes I think it must appear as if I do a project, get it done and move on week after week. Truth is I have a backlog just like many you. It's one of those backlogs which causes you to actually forget some of the projects you have, because you started them over a year ago. Most of the projects in my backlog were started on a whim around 10:30 at night when I was bored with the project I actually needed to get done. 

Today, I thought I'd share my backlog with you and hopefully that will give me a little accountability! Let's begin…

Fall Triangles

Fall Triangles

Last year I participated in the Vitamin D Bee from the PHXMQG. I really enjoy participating in quilting bee's especially with friends, but the truth is I barely survived the year. I got everyones blocks done, but I can't say they were on time. When it came around to my turn I asked my fellow bee's members to each piece together a row of equilateral triangles using Triangles on a Roll paper. I thought this would be real easy, nope.

What a mess that project turned out to be! I will spare you the sad story, but due to a starching/cutting faux pas on my behalf my poor bee members could barely finish half a row without ripping their hair out. I think my project wound up in the "worst bee block" hall of fame. Despite that many of the ladies pushed through and finished the row for me (thank you friends!). Now I have a project bucket of rows, half rows, and triangles ready to be turned into a quilt. I am procrastinating this one primarily because I know that I will have to hack it together (due to my starching/cutting faux pas). 

Bali Bed Runner

Bali Bed Runner

Last year my husband and I spent months building a new website for my good friend Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works. During that time I got really familiar with her stock of patterns, one of which was calling my name for weeks. The Bali Bed Runner is a totally awesome pattern by Judy Niemeyer.

Here I am making a bunch of quilts and I don't have one for my own bed! We have a king size bed and I can't even fathom making a huge quilt at the moment, but a bed runner seemed so much more manageable. All I can say is I am blown away by those of you who are able to conquer the bed size version of this pattern! 

Bombay Tote

Bombay Tote

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you probably remember me saying I was going to come out with a bag pattern called the Bombay Tote. What happened? Life. I really, really want to make this pattern and will do it even if it takes me 5 years.

I already made three versions of this bag, one of which I never showed you (opps!) and use every single day. I needed to make one more sample to help me with the instructions and I started it, but never finished. This version was going to have improv patchwork side panels, black leather bottom, and chunky zippers. Someday.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Earlier this year I taught a few Cross Stitch Quilting classes. While I was in "cross stitching mode" I had this sudden urge to do something completely crazy and make a 70" x 70" monarch butterfly cross stitch quilt. At the time I thought I could have the quilt top pieced in time for my classes. What in the world was I thinking, I mean really! This bad boy has over 600 cross stitch blocks… someday (very far from now).

Concerto Baby Quilt


This summer I taught a three week Beginner Modern Quilting class. This class opened my eyes to how much I enjoy teaching quilting. The students and I made the Concerto quilt. This time around I decided to make it in kind of crazy bright colors for a baby (no baby in particular yet). This project is so close to being done, it's basted and I quilted about 4 rows. I think I could finish this up in a day or two and I know it'd feel so good to cross something off my list!

Crossknot Wall Hanging


Okay, your starting to get up to speed. When I decided to start selling fabric I knew it was going to be so hard to resist buying up my whole shop. Last weeks Schoolhouse bundle was calling my name, so I put together this Crossknot wall hanging in about 45 minutes. It would have only taken 30 minutes had I skipped the play date with my seam ripper. I need to decide on a backing and get this baby quilted!

Hemispheres Throw


Alright, were down to the last project the one that actually sparked todays post. Yesterday, I spent hours working on a website for a client and by dinner I had enough of staring at my computer. My husband offered to take the kids to a $2 movie so I could stay home and sew (thank you Jacob!). This was one of those evenings where I absolutely did not want to work on a deadline project I needed to just relax and work on a hobby project. I sat there and thought about which of my W.I.P.S I should pull out, then I looked up and saw a stack of Wedding Elegance Bundles staring at me. About 45 minutes later I had fabric cut for 196 drunkards paths curves and I was piecing curves for a Hemispheres Quilt while watching Sense and Sensibilities. 

I suppose the W.I.P. world is just a downward spiral and it will never end. I blame it on the fabric, always blame it on the fabric.


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  • Linda says...

    Since this is a hobby for me I work on what I enjoy and if it’s a new project then so be it. I’ve been presently surprised over the years that I actually do enjoy going back to most projects after a break. And some really benefit from the perspective I gain when I look at them after some time has passed.

    On October 21, 2014

  • Lisa C says...

    I’m an 80% finisher and the other 20% generally has to do with situations. I go to a sew-cial every other Thursday night. It’s generally easier to piece (due to space) at the sew-cial so that will be why I start another project. But never say never!

    On September 25, 2014

  • Kelly O. says...

    I love your honesty and all of your WIP’s but not enough to finish them for you ;)

    At the moment I have 7 WIP’s that I bought the fabric for and put it all in a tote and then haven’t started… never mind the ones that I HAVE started!!

    On September 23, 2014

  • Kathleen Lambert says...

    I hear you. At present time I have 4 quilts started on the wall (had to stop them to work on Holloween stuff of course). Have 5 quilts sandwiched and waiting to go on the longarm (just not in the mood to do those as of yet). Almost done with Holloween then Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff. It’s a never ending battle. But love it.

    On September 21, 2014

  • Angela says...

    I have no less than eight. Probably more. Lol. I LOVE the cross stitch butterfly! Not enough to add it to my wip… Yet. ;)

    On September 20, 2014

  • Anne hayward says...

    So glad I’m not alone with the wip’s although after my daughters nagging I finished her quilt it was sitting for 18 months with just 1 side of hand sewing to do on the binding.
    Ooops! Now I realy must finish grans lap quilt it was for her birthday last Sunday but I just have to cut this new piece of fabric first ……. Quilty hugs

    On September 20, 2014

  • Cindy-liveacolorfullife says...

    This was a good post for me to read. My projects mostly come to a dead halt when it is time to baste them—I HATE that step. Some I just need to finish a back to I can sent them off to someone else to quilt. Do you usually thread baste your quilts? I have watched the video from Sharon Schamber and thought it looked interesting. And I need to finish my cross-stitch quilt—it is all pieced and I love it. But, oops, it too is in the “I need to be basted” category…

    On September 19, 2014

  • susan k says...

    I too have a pile of WIP’s. Four of them in the past three weeks? I did finish my Concerto quilt (Instagram “sckett”) – piecing, quilting, and binding. So proud of myself. I’ve got about 10 quilt tops completed waiting to get quilted. I’ve set up one machine for quilting and one machine for piecing so I can go back and forth. My goal is to get the new projects completed as I go along instead of just piecing and skipping the quilting. Of course, another goal was not to start anything before I finished the first one.
    The best laid plans…

    On September 18, 2014

  • Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge says...

    Always good to know that one is not alone under the WiP avalanche!

    On September 18, 2014

  • Erin Marie says...

    I used to always say “I don’t understand how people can have a pile of WIPs.” because I would start a project and finish it.

    Not so anymore!!!

    I made a list of all my WIPs (across all project categories: quilting, sewing, cross stitch, etc). Then, I rearranged my sewing room and stacked all the WIPs on the corner of my (very long) desk (not counting the quilts which are stacked neatly in the closet). I need to go through them and get serious and toss some of them.

    For the record, I also didn’t understand how people can have a stash as I tend to buy per project. And then I made my first quilt from my stash (minus the background fabric). I get it. For now, though, I still buy per project and grab an extra FQ or two to add to the stash. I’ll get there. (Just don’t tell my husband that’s my plan!)

    On September 18, 2014

  • Stephanie says...

    So many WIP starting in 2012 when I started quilting. Acutally the 1st quilt I have worked on lol! I have moved it up the list though so maybe that is start!

    On September 18, 2014

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