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Raceway Quilt // 30 Quilts for 30 Years

Robert Kaufman is celebrating it's Kona Cotton 30th anniversary the whole month of November with a fun blog hop. Each day, one of the 30 quilt designers for the "30 Quilts for 30 Years" will share their inspiration and process for making his/her Kona quilt and each designer will be hosting a Kona giveaway!

I am honored to be one of the 30 designers included in this great celebration. I was really excited when RK contacted me earlier this summer to see if I would like to design a quilt for the Kona Cotton Lookbook. I have a sketchbook full of ideas for quilts and I have found that deadlines are the perfect motivation for me to actually get a quilt pattern done.

Meet The Raceway Quilt

Raceway Quilt in Kona Lookbook

When I first begin quilting I was immediately attracted to quilts with curves and naturally when I began designing quilts I was constantly coming up curvy designs. In the past years I have explored and experimented with many different ways to piece curves using pin, no pins, using glue, using a special piecing foot.

I attended a Piec-lique class at the PHXMQG taught by award-winning quilter Sharon Schamber. Piec-lique is a technique that makes curves piecing so much easier and fun. It reminds me a little of Dale Flemings Six Minute Circle, but Piec-lique takes it further than just circles, it is a little more precise and makes pretty much any curve possible. I pieced the Raceway quilt using this Piec-lique technique and the pattern includes written and video instructions to help you piece it this way too, no more pins!

When I am designing a quilt I always imagine it first in solids. For Raceway I wanted something really bright, saturated, and fun. One of the things I really love about Kona Cotton Solids is that there are 300+ colors for me to choose from. What designer wouldn't love that freedom?! However, choosing colors was not easy I went through quite a few mockups before I settled. Here were some of the ideas…

Raceway Variations

Raceway Front

I finally settled on Kona Cotton in Nautical, Charcoal, Cerise, Chartreuse, Teal Blue, Coral, Red, Brt. Peri, Crocus, and Breakers. I particularly love the blue background. For my sample quilt I made a 60.5" x 60.5" throw size, but the pattern comes with instructions to make the quilt in a wall, crib, throw, twin, queen or king size. The pattern also comes with instructions for a coordinating racing stripe backing!

Raceway Backing

I usually like to machine quilt my own quilts, but considering the super quick deadline I decided to send the Raceway quilt to a professional long arm quilter. This was my first time sending a quilt out and I could not have found a more perfectly suited quilter for the task. The Raceway quilt was beautifully quilted by Sarah Wilson of Crinkle Love. Her quilting really brought my vision for the design to life and I could not have done it without her!

Get the Pattern

The Raceway pattern was published by Aria Lane (my sister pattern publishing company), but can be purchased here in our shop at Pile O' Fabric. We sell a pdf and printed version as well as quilt kits and supplies to make the quilt.


Kona Giveaway

As a thank you for stopping by and learning about my quilt and in celebration of the 30th Anniversary, Robert Kaufman and I would like to give you all a chance to win a charm pack of the New Kona Cotton colors as well as a printed version of the Raceway Quilt Pattern.

Enter To Win

To enter to win leave a blog post comment and tell me what your all time favorite Kona Cotton color is. I will randomly choose a winner on November 3rd and announce the winner on Facebook and here in this blog post. 

Also, keep your eye on the Robert Kaufman quilting blog, for details on their great big giveaway concluding the blog hop on December 3.

Blog Hop Schedule

Be sure to stop by each blog throughout the month of November and learn all about the story behind each of the 30 quilts. Here is just a little teaser of one of many of my favorites! 

Smithereens by Carolina Patchworks

Smithereens by Carolina Patchworks

Here is the schedule:

Week 1:
Saturday, November 1st: Johanna Masko
Sunday, November 2nd: Alyssa of Aria Lane
Monday, November 3rd: Dorie of Tumblingblocks
Tuesday, November 4th: Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations
Wednesday, November 5th: Daniela of Cozy Quilt Designs
Thursday, November 6th: Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts
Friday, November 7th: Anita Grossman Solomon
Saturday, November 8th: Debbie of Esch House Quilts

Week 2:
Sunday, November 9th: Alex of Teaginny
Monday, November 10th: Darlene Zimmerman
Tuesday, November 11th: Nichole Ramirez
Wednesday, November 12th: Rita Hodge of Red Pepper Quilts
Thursday, November 13th: Lee of Freshly Pieced
Friday, November 14th: Julie of Jaybird Quilts
Saturday, November 15th: Latifah of The Quilt Engineer

Week 3:
Sunday. November 16th: Elizabeth Hartman
Monday, November 17th: Erica of Kitchen Table Quilting
Tuesday, November 18th: Karrie of Freckled Whimsy
Wednesday, November 19th: Valori Wells
Thursday, November 20th: Marilyn of Quilt Moments
Friday, November 21st: Cortney Heimerl
Saturday, November 22nd: Shayla and Kristy of Sassafras Lane Designs

Week 4:
Sunday, November 23rd: Shea of Empty Bobbin Sewing
Monday, November 24th: Carrie Strine
Tuesday, November 25th: Rachel of Stitched in Color
Wednesday, November 26th: Liz of Lady Harvatine
Saturday, November 29th: Carolyn Friedlander

Week 5:
Sunday, November 30th: Elizabeth of Don’t Call Me Betsy
Monday, December 1st: Emily of Carolina Patchworks
Tuesday, December 2nd: Ken Kaufman
Wednesday, December 3rd: Grand Finale! 

Have fun and enjoy!


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  • Norma Rae Haller says...

    I’m loving Chartreuse. It goes so well with so many other colors. I’d love to have the Kona Card with samples of all 303 colors. Actually, I’d like to have some of each color fabric myself. Thanks for your blog.

    On December 01, 2014

  • Regina D. says...

    I’m in the ‘pink’ stage of my life, so any shade of pink will do. Thank you so much for sharing the blog hop with us. Gorgeous quilt – I’ve always felt that I needed to add patterns and prints but your raceway quilt shows off solids so beautiful.

    On November 07, 2014

  • Elizabeth says...

    My go to Kona are black and cyan!

    On November 07, 2014

  • Britt R says...

    I always have several yards of white on hand, as well as a few greys, charcoal, snow, black, and robin egg blue. So hard to choose!

    On November 07, 2014

  • Jean says...

    Every color in the Sunset color story is so beautiful, I can’t choose!

    On November 06, 2014

  • Lisa Burger says...

    Daffodil or snow or pool, hard to pick one :)

    On November 06, 2014

  • michele says...

    My favorite these days is Charcoal.

    On November 06, 2014

  • karen says...

    What a stunning quilt!

    On November 06, 2014

  • Mom C says...

    Always love a good dark blue, Nautical. Thanks.

    On November 05, 2014

  • Joanie McIvor says...

    I can’t pick a color, sorry! I love them all!! I have a new favorite every time I see a new quilt. I love your new pattern!

    On November 05, 2014

  • Ann says...

    Cheddar is a fun one!

    On November 05, 2014

  • Louise says...

    Hmm, so many colors! I’ll have to go with Lagoon.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt and this giveaway with us!

    On November 05, 2014

  • Garm says...


    On November 03, 2014

  • Karen J says...

    Just a fire engine “RED” girl.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Kathy E. says...

    There are so many gorgeous Kona colors. My favorite (at this moment) is Hyacinth.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Lyn Kaufmann says...

    My favorite Kona color (today) is Crocus. Love the curves on the raceway and can see my preschool class thinking it’s the coolest! Thank you for sharing today.

    On November 03, 2014

  • amy says...

    I use Kona Snow a lot-have several charm packs and layer cakes and yardage on hand but I also like the robin egg blue which I’ve used in baby quilts.

    On November 03, 2014

  • barbe says...

    congrats on the pattern, i’ve enjoyed watching you develop at a designer. as to my favorite Kona, i really can not pick one, i haven’t even seen the new ones lol

    On November 03, 2014

  • Katie Dold says...

    Congratulations! It’s a stunning quilt design…I love it…well deserved! My favorite Kona color is Sangria. :)

    On November 03, 2014

  • Sandy K says...

    I like Snow, I can use it all the time.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Vicki H says...

    I like cerise.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Mary says...

    I love Niagara.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Anita L says...

    Currently my favorite Kona color is Goldfish. I am using it for binding on a Halloween quilt (which is not finished even though Halloween is over.)

    On November 03, 2014

  • Lori Smanski says...

    I really like black because it can show off all the other colors to their potential.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Vera says...

    I really like wasabi and your quilt. Great design and awesome quilting!

    On November 03, 2014

  • Lisa R says...

    Great job on the quilt~! It such a wonderful pattern for any little boy in our lives.. I can just picture them sitting in bed driving match box cars over the raceway!

    Favorite Kona color..hard choice between Steel and Bone

    On November 03, 2014

  • Annette says...

    I really like Berry.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Beth says...

    One of my favorites is aqua. Thanks.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Lani says...

    I love Capri! It goes with everything in my house.

    On November 03, 2014

  • wendy says...

    I’m a big fan of Peacock

    On November 03, 2014

  • Dawn Jones says...

    I love Robin Egg.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Michelle Smith says...

    If I had to choose one, it would be Morning Glory. Such a pretty purple!

    On November 03, 2014

  • carolyn says...

    my fave kona color is lagoon.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Ann Moore-Spencer says...

    I love robins egg just about now. It may be something else next project, next week, next month ;-). Love the movement in the Raceway quilt. Colours are fabulous

    On November 03, 2014

  • bee says...

    my favorite is cerise!

    On November 03, 2014

  • Susan says...

    My favorite color is Nightfall.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Susie De Soto says...

    I love the robin egg blue. It is so peaceful.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Susan Stanton says...

    It’s so hard to choose just one color, but today I love Peony!

    On November 03, 2014

  • Julie says...

    Kona Ash is the one I use the most, so I guess that means I like it the most :)

    On November 03, 2014

  • Suzanne says...

    Pond is pretty.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Adri h. says...

    My fave color is Mediterranean.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Kari says...

    I love Niagra, Morning Glory and oh so many of the colors!

    On November 03, 2014

  • Jo Anne says...

    I like nautical. And your Raceway quilt is great.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Jan c. says...

    Snow is great, but all the colors are gorgeous. I was gifted a handful at sew-ok 2014 this summer. Beautiful fabrics and lovely pattern. Thanks for the kind giveaway.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Stephanie says...

    Well as far as use the most I would say Ash then snow, but that deep blue is a beautiful color.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Shelor says...

    I am also a big fan of Kona Snow. I always keep a “ton” of it on hand!

    On November 03, 2014

  • Linda Hill says...

    I like Heliotrope.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Jeneta says...

    I love Persimmon.

    On November 03, 2014

  • Jennifer says...

    I like Steel

    On November 03, 2014

  • Monique Belmer says...

    I love Jamaica

    On November 03, 2014

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