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Making Flying Geese with Bloc_Loc™ Rulers

A few weeks ago I shared about the Night Sky quilt along at Jana Machado's blog, are you quilting along? The Night Sky quilt pattern by Camille Roskelley has a bunch of classic sawtooth stars, these stars have flying geese in them. I thought this would be a fun time to play with the Bloc_Loc® Flying Geese Rulers and put together a quick flying geese tutorial for you all.

Bloc_Loc® Rulers were created by a husband and wife team in Loveland, Colorado. Each ruler has a unique groove that hugs the seams in your patchwork tightly, helping you to trim up your blocks perfectly. If you're making a bunch of the same blocks over and over, you will really appreciate these rulers. You can square up your Flying Geese blocks in less time and with far greater accuracy every time. These rulers work with all flying geese block methods. You will never cut the top of a goose off again and your seam allowance will be perfect. 

Flying Geese Tutorial

To use the Bloc_Loc® Flying Geese Rulers to make a Night Sky Quilt you will need a 2" x 4" and 4" x 8" ruler. Follow the cutting measurements in the Bloc_Loc® instructions to make the flying geese and then use the instructions in the Night Sky quilt pattern to make the blocks. 

Flying Geese Tutorial

Flying Geese Tutorial

Flying geese are a pretty simple block to make, once you have made a few you will feel comfortable enough to start an assembly line of geese and then you will be able to make a bunch at a time. Bloc_Loc® Flying Geese Rulers come with a chart of measurements that will help you to make flying geese OR economy blocks in multiple sizes. You can also download the chart here…

Download Measurement Chart 

Making a Flying Geese

Flying Geese Tutorial

  • Step #1: For each flying geese you will need two squares and one rectangle, use the measurement chart as a guide for cutting your fabrics. Using a straight-edge, draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of your square fabrics.
  • Step #2: With right sides together, place the square onto the left side of the rectangle and sew directly on the line. 
  • Step #3: Using a ruler, trim ¼” away from the seam allowance.
  • Step #4: Gently press the triangle up with the seam allowance toward the triangle. Flying Geese Tutorial
  • Step #5: With right sides together, place the remaining square onto the right side of the rectangle and sew directly on the line. 
  • Step #6: Using a ruler, trim ¼” away from the seam allowance and press the triangle up with the seam allowance toward the triangle.
  • Step #7: With the flying geese right side up, lay the Bloc_Loc® Flying Geese Ruler on top so that the grooves underneath the ruler fit snugly against the seam allowances.
  • Step #8: Trim all the way around the ruler using your rotary cutter. You will now have a perfect flying geese!

Product Video

You can also watch these Bloc_Loc® Rulers in action in this product video put together by Janna from Bloc_Loc® Rulers.

Once you have made your flying geese you can continue to follow the Night Sky pattern and you will end up with a block like this…


If you want to give these rulers a try, you can find them for sale in our shop. Have fun making some flying geese!


Alyssa Lichner

Alyssa Lichner

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