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241 Tote // Pattern Review

A few years ago I made the 241 Tote Noodlehead for the first time. You may recall an old blog post I wrote with pictures of two 241 Totes I made as gifts for my sisters. Since then the pattern has been revised and comes in a printed version. I stock the 241 Tote and other Noodlehead patterns in my shop.

One of the things I really love about the 241 Tote is how simple and easy it is to make. I would definitely consider this a beginner entry level bag. Sometimes you make a bag with a pattern and never make another one again. Not because it wasn't fun to make. Most likely it was just a lot of work and probably very time consuming. This is not the case with the 241 Tote. This is a pattern you will remake over and over. 

The pattern includes instructions for different variations. You can add zipper pockets to the front or basic pockets to the sides. These are optional additions so if your weary of adding a zipper you don't have to. However, zippers are actually not scary, believe me you can do it!

This is the most recent version of the bag I have made. About 20 minutes after this new Tokyo Train Ride Linen Canvas print arrived in the shop I was cutting it up and making a bag. I had no plan of doing this, but couldn't resist.

Along with the linen canvas I used some of our new Arizona Genuine Leather in Black (we stock a whole collection of leather), (2) Metal Zippers in Nickel, Dotties Cousin in Natural (for interior). The pattern has a basic 24" strap, but for this version I wanted to make it more of a cross body bag. I made the strap longer and used a Nickel Strap Slider and Rectangle Ring to make it adjustable. From start to finish this bag took me about 2hrs. 

Ready to start your next bag project? Check out the 241 Tote!


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  • Cassandra says...

    I agree—love his pattern! The next time I make it I want to figure out how to make an adjustable strap. I’m sure that is an easy change.

    On March 15, 2015

  • Emily K says...

    I’ve been eyeing this pattern for at least half a year, but I’ve never made a bag before. I LOVE your leather on it (and I adore the Tokyo train ride fabric). Question: How much leather did you have to use for this pattern? ie….if I bought it from your shop, how much / what size pieces would be adequate?

    On March 15, 2015

  • Mary says...

    I appreciate the pattern reviews!

    On March 14, 2015

  • Rochelle says...

    What an absolutely eye catching bag. Love the combination of leather and fabric. Did you have to use a large needle to sew the leather?

    On March 14, 2015

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