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Making a Concerto Crib Quilt

This weekend I finished my first quilt of the entire year. I used to bust out about 12-15 quilts a year, but this is my first completed quilt in 2015!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may have seen all the videos and photos I posted as I worked on a Concerto crib quilt for a baby gift. But, for those of you who did not see the posts I figured it would be nice to share my progress making the Concerto quilt here on the blog too.

First, I starched, pressed, cut all my fabric, and laid the rows out. The mom-to-be picked out such a wonderful sophisticated color palette for her little boy.

Time to start piecing this crib size #concertoquilt for a gift. They chose very sophisticated boy colors.

A photo posted by Alyssa Lichner (@pileofabric) on

Next I got to work labeling and glue basting all of the rows.

Then I was able to quickly chain piece all of the blocks in each row together.

Project 1: Making a #concertoquilt Next up chain piecing all the rows! #sewingwips #memorialdaysewing #chainpiecing

A video posted by Alyssa Lichner (@pileofabric) on

Then I set and pressed my seams.

With the rows pressed in alternating directions I glue basted the rows together, one at a time.

Next step making the #concertoquilt is sewing the rows together. #sewingwips #memorialdaysewing

A video posted by Alyssa Lichner (@pileofabric) on

Within no time I had a pieced quilt top ready to be quilted.

And there you have it a #concertoquilt pieced quilt top ready to be basted and quilted. #sewingwips #memorialdaysewing

A photo posted by Alyssa Lichner (@pileofabric) on

I knew if I stopped there I might not have time later on to finish the quilt, so I continued on. I decided to use a soft minky back. I chose to quilt basic straight lines outlining the seams to keep the quilt very sophisticated.

Only took me two days to make a finished Concerto quilt!

Quilt Details

I was asked quite a few questions while posting the progress of this quilt, so here are some extra details about the project.

Quilt Pattern

The quilt pattern is my first pattern from years ago called Concerto. I made the 51.5" x 57" crib size.

Fabric Used

I used the following fabric from my stash. Blues: Kona Cotton in Windsor and Nautical, Crisscross in Blue, Geo Braid in Navy, Dottie in Jean Jacket, Pointelle in Navy, XOXO in Nightowl, and Dumb Dot in Navy. Greys: Triangularity in Stardust, Crosshatch in Shale, Confetti Dots in Stone, Eyelet in Grey, Heath in Metal, Confetti Dots in Charcoal, Sketch in Ash, Kona Cotton in Ash, Iron, and Silver. Golds: Netorious in Goldilocks Silver, Dottie in Goldilocks, and Opal in Gold. Low Volume: Lightning in Blue, Cuneiform Script in Aged, Remix Crisscross in Gold, Heartfelt in Snow, Laced Remains, Remix Crisscross in White, Branches in Ash, Handdrawn Lines, and Symphony in Natural.

Sewing Machine and Table Used

I used my Juki TL-2010Q, which sits in my absolutely favorite SewEzi table.

What iron are you using and do you like it?

I am using a Rowenta Travel Iron. The handle on my iron is broken from accidentally dropping it, so I am due to get a new iron. I love how hot this iron gets and that it is lightweight and small, but I have had three students in different classes tell me they had this iron and it caught fire or started smoking. Since then I have been meaning to start trying out new irons. I plan to post about my findings when I do.

What is Glue Basting and what tip are you using?

You can learn more about glue basting in my past tutorial here. I am using a Fineline® Glue Applicator Tip on a bottle of Washable Elmer's School Glue.

Is the Concerto quilt good to make as beginner quilter?

Absolutely! In fact when I teach a beginner quilting class this is the quilt the students make. 

I hope you enjoyed watching the making of this Concerto quilt. Feel free to comment or email me with any further questions!


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