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Cross Stitch Heart Quilt Pattern

It has been very quiet around the blog. As most of you know I have been very ill due to a complicated pregnancy. I am still struggling greatly, but trying to keep busy on my computer so I don't go absolutely crazy. This month I decided to take a quilt I made a few years ago and turn it into a full Pile O' Fabric PDF pattern. The Cross Stitch Heart Quilt is a fun quilt that uses classic X blocks or what I call Cross Stitch blocks to bring cross stitching to the quilting world. 


Years ago I posted two free tutorials (#1 & #2) on how piece the Cross Stitch blocks and since then despite the free tutorials I have had so many people ask for a full pattern for the Cross Stitch Heart Quilt. Sometimes it's nice to just follow the steps and not bother with figuring out the math that goes into a quilt. 

The PDF pattern includes tips and step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to piece the Cross Stitch blocks using two different methods. One method for one block at a time and another for an assembly line. The pattern includes instructions to make a Wall (30"x30") or Throw (50" x 55") size quilt in either a Scrappy or Ombré style.

Cross Stitch Heart Quilt Supplies

If you haven't already seen, last year we came out with custom made Cross Stitch Block Rulers. Each acrylic ruler has lines marking the X of the Cross Stitch block, making it easier and more accurate to trim your Cross Stitch blocks. The backside of the ruler has clear grip to help the ruler stay in place while cutting.

You can find all the supplies needed to make this quilt in our shop, including our custom made Cross Stitch Block Rulers.

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