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Kona® Illustrator File Updated + Kona® Adobe Library


A while back I put together an Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop Swatches file of Kona® Cotton colors. This file makes designing quilts easier in Adobe applications. Now Robert Kaufman has a whopping 340 Kona® Cotton colors! 

Updated Video Tutorial

Swatch Changes

I felt like some of the colors in the old swatches file were not quite accurate, so I went through each color one by one with the chart in front of me and tweak the colors to get them even more accurate. But, they will never be perfect replicas of the actual fabric, everyones monitors display colors differently so it's impossible to get it perfect.

A few of the Kona Color names changed so I updated the names. The order of the colors changed on the new Kona chart so I have put the swatches in the same order. You can download the new swatches here

Adobe Kona Cotton 340 Library

In addition to updating the .ase swatch file I have created an Adobe Library with all 340 colors. Libraries are a newer feature in the Adobe CC and I am starting to prefer using libraries for solid colors over the swatches panel. Whats great about using this Kona Cotton 340 Library is if Robert Kaufman comes out with more colors and I make a change to the library you will instantly have the newest version of the library, no more downloading and uploading! You can learn all about how to use Adobe Libraries on their blog here. Check out the Kona Cotton 340 Library here.

If your interested in swatches for other solid fabric brands like American Made Solids, Art Gallery Pure Elements, Free Spirit Solids, Michael Miller Cotton Coutures, and Moda Bella Solids, be sure to check out Anne Sullivan at Play Craft's swatch files! She also has some other tools like the Palette Builder and Color Play to help you with color in quilting. 

Happy designing!


Alyssa Lichner

Alyssa Lichner

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